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caesarian belt - how useful?

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miki123 Thu 03-Apr-14 04:35:50

Hi, due to back issues I am having to have an elective C section - just therefore wondering if anyone knows how useful caesarian belts are? Am wondering if it's worth getting/actually that useful? This is one that i found,default,pd.html

miki123 Thu 03-Apr-14 04:36:18

ps i can't sleep :-(

Haahoooo Thu 03-Apr-14 05:03:06

No experience OP but I would like to know too!

And I can't sleep either smile

weebigmamma Thu 03-Apr-14 05:21:37

I looked at those and decided against it. OH thought that idea of a heat pack sounded really unhygienic and I'm intending to use maternity pads on the wound and try to let it get exposed to the air as much as possible. We'll see how it goes- I've never had a section before so I don't really know. x

weebigmamma Thu 03-Apr-14 05:21:55

(Also can't sleep lol)

Madamecastafiore Thu 03-Apr-14 05:43:11

Waste of money. I had a section nearly 5 mo ths ago

Madamecastafiore Thu 03-Apr-14 05:44:55

Oooohhhh posted too soo thanks to dd being in arm!

You don't need this thing. Just keep wound clean and dry, wear huge pants and clothes that aren't tight and you'll be fine. I only wore a pad on way home from hospital.

nooka Thu 03-Apr-14 05:48:02

My c-sections were long long ago, but it doesn't look like a very sensible idea to have something pressing against the wound all the time. I would ask your midwife what they think. Marketing types are always inventing 'must have' rubbish IME.

Writerwannabe83 Thu 03-Apr-14 06:30:47

Looks like a waste of money to me.

I had a CS 13 days ago and am recovering well enough without one. I wear big sized pants, I.e the same ones I wore when I was pregnant as they pull all the way up to my belly button so nothing is pressing down on the scar. I'm also wearing loose trousers or maternity leggings. I haven't had any accidental bumps.

The bit that worries me about that belt is where it says, "Helps women to resume their daily activities quicker." hmm Whilst recovering you should listen to your body and only resume activities when you feel able to and not because some belt is designed to trick you into thinking you have recovered quicker.

miki123 Thu 03-Apr-14 07:28:08

thanks guys, that's really helpful - think i'll give it a miss in that case.

I have another question for you experienced C-sectioners (only) brother is getting married 9 days after my section and i am DESPERATE to go, what are the chances of that realistically happening? I would have major support in terms of not having to carry a thing, taking a cab to get there and back (my sister in law's mum is even a midwife!) you think i'll be able to go? (please say yes :-))

WidowWadman Thu 03-Apr-14 07:32:51

If it all goes well, no complications, and you can sit down a lot/don't have to stand all the time I think it's certainly possible, but make a decision on the day.

miki123 Thu 03-Apr-14 07:35:33

Awww i am SO pleased you said that WidowWadman :-))). I have already checked and I will def be able to sit down a lot so fingers crossed! Thanks for your reply.

Laucar Thu 03-Apr-14 07:41:05

You should definetly be able to go as long as things are healing as they should. I was up and about and going out (carefully) in 4/5 days. I'd be more worried about the lack of sleep!

PetShopGirl Thu 03-Apr-14 07:42:11

Yes, recovery-wise I could definitely have gone to a wedding 9 days after my c-section. Finding something to wear however would have been a different matter... wink

janey1234 Thu 03-Apr-14 07:44:22

Good luck! And you should be fine to go to the wedding - I had an elcs nine months ago and felt so much better by a week after - you'll just be walking a little more slowly than usual. Enjoy! And good luck.

miki123 Thu 03-Apr-14 07:45:51

am SO happy you both think it will be possible :-))) I have already bought a pretty maternity/nursing dress (that's how excited I am about the wedding - got it ages ago)....i know i will no doubt be shattered (and still have a big belly) but i don't care as long as i don't miss it :-)). Thanks for your replies guys, much appreciated.

peeapod Thu 03-Apr-14 07:53:02

my advice is not to pin your hopes on going. make sure someone has a video camera and records etc.

Although all i am hearing is positive stuff about having a c section and its recovery time each individual case is different and the potential is you might even still be in hospital. i know im talking worst case scenario here but you need to be really careful.

taking a longer recovery period in the short term will make it easier in the long term.

plan to go, but plan what bit is the most important bit not to miss and start with that so you can say anything else is a bonus. listen to your body and dont do anymore than it lets you.

just being realistic here...

ReluctantCamper Thu 03-Apr-14 08:07:23

miki from my experience you should be fine. I was walking about the day after my c-section, basically as soon as they took my catheter out (at 6am damn them!). I threw the flight stockings away after a couple of days as I was walking round plenty, no danger of blood clots.

Try to limit how often you go up and down stairs, for some reason this was exhausting - have nappy changing stuff both downstairs and upstairs.

When I was in the recovery ward there was a really marked difference between people who'd had an elective section (a bit shell shocked, but basically fine), and those who'd had an EMCS (totally exhausted, traumatised etc), and this seemed to translate into how quickly people healed.

I'd assume you will make your brother's wedding, but under no circumstances carry anything, and try to arrange somewhere quiet for you to feed your baby and get away from relatives if it all gets a bit much.

Scar wise, I'm 3.4 years down the line, mine is under my pubic hair line, and I don't even know it's there. I have a slight numbness round it, not unreasonable when you've been cut open!

Writerwannabe83 Thu 03-Apr-14 12:55:17

I'm 2 weeks post CS and I'm still very sore and I haven't managed to leave the house yet. Even going up and down the stairs makes me very uncomfortable and triggers off more bleeding. I am still taking regular pain relief every day too. I doubt I'd even be able to walk 20 metres down the road, let alone attend a wedding.

As has been said, recovery is different for everyone and I would just see how you feel nearer the time. You may be able to do it no problem but you may be one of the women where things take just that bit longer to heal.

hubbahubster Thu 03-Apr-14 13:14:07

What Reluctant Camper said. ELCS seem to be a v different experience to EMCS. I was trotting around Tesco with DS over my should three days after my ELCS. You'll have family around you at the wedding too so plenty of people to help you out smile

miki123 Thu 03-Apr-14 13:23:43

Thanks everyone - appreciate the feedback and advice!

Ludways Thu 03-Apr-14 13:24:29

I've had two emcs and was fine 9 days post with both. I wouldn't want to be too energetic but sitting at z wedding would've been fine. Massive pants and lots of pads and you'll be fine.

StarsInTheNightSky Thu 03-Apr-14 14:35:47

I've got one of these belts, not used it for ELCS yet but I bought it and used it for previous abdominal surgery and I found it absolutely brilliant. I used it with the cool pack to reduce the swelling. I didn't wear it all the time, but a few times a day for an hour or so each time in the first few days after surgery, it was very soothing and I think helped things to heal more quickly, so I'll definitely be using it when I have my ELCS in May.

OnABabyDiet Thu 03-Apr-14 20:12:36

I had an emcs and had a really slow recovery due to infection (wound burst open 10 days later!). Movement was severely limited for weeks so I bought one of those belts and used the heat/ice pack if I was sore after walking, doing chores etc. I also found it useful to wear over my giant pants to press into the wound when standing up (midwives advised to use a pillow for this)

However, as pps have said, I was on a ward with women who waltzed out less than 48hrs later! Definitely decide on the day about the wedding - hope all goes smoothly for you, op smile

CrispyFB Fri 04-Apr-14 00:21:05

I bought one of those belts - used it for lower back pain pre CS and never used it after, heh.

I've had three c-sections and a comparable surgery. Although only two happened at the scheduled time, the other two weren't "crash" or anything. I've been blessed with a great recovery every time. In fact after my last one four weeks ago they let me out at 34 hours post surgery and I felt well enough to gently walk the five minutes to school that afternoon and surprise my older DC. It felt a lot easier and pain-free than the horrific SPD/lower back pain I'd had just two days earlier!! I was walking over a mile at a time a week out with no issues and off the prescription medicine just a few days post op. Four weeks out I feel back to normal so long as I don't do anything too vigorous like running and so on. It's all about listening to your body which I am doing despite the odd hmm from others who presumably have had different experiences.

However, I totally appreciate I am at the unusual end of the scale and most people are not this lucky - they fall somewhere in the middle. With my previous one the wound did tear slightly at nearly six weeks as it never really healed properly to begin with, so they're all different. I'd still have been able to do a wedding at 9 days out though.

Basically the chances are high you will be able to go, but just in case make other arrangements too (e.g. video camera)

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