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9 wks and symptoms are almost gone? :(

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MammySam Wed 02-Apr-14 20:07:29

I'm a bit worried, I'm 9+1 and it seems like all my symptoms are going away.
My boobs were sore just to walk but now I have to press pretty hard on them to see if they hurt (how stupid does that sound?!) I had some mild but fairly regular nausea - now gone.
I know it's daft because when I feel sick I wish it would go but now it's gone I'm worried!
I had MMC last October and distinctly remembering amid all the visits to toe EPAU and scans that the symptoms just ebbed away and it was then a confirmed MMC around that time too.
Because I had same strong abdominal pains this time like last October at about 5-6 wks I went to EPU again and saw a yolk sac (improvement on last time as there was nothing t be seen at 5 wks) then 2 wks later had a 2nd scan with a tiny foetus with foetal pole and the yolk sac which was amazing as I was sure something would've gone wrong.
I've started to get some more pains today but nothing unbearable and no spotting of bleeding so there's no real reason I think there's a problem I'm just super worried and my dating scan isn't until 28th April which feels like an age away! (Also our 7th wedding anniversary and I'm sacred we'll get bad news)
Anyone else having this? Or am I just paranoid?!

hubbahubster Wed 02-Apr-14 20:17:43

I was in a similar situation in my last pregnancy. Was in tears at 9/10 weeks when symptoms went as that was the stage that my MMC had been detected.

Said-last pregnancy is asleep upstairs after a busy day causing chaos at the childminder ;)

It's about now that the placenta takes over so you should be feeling better. I know it's stressful but sounds completely normal!

LondonJen Wed 02-Apr-14 20:24:42

Sorry you're having this worry esp after mmc but my symptoms started to get less intense at 9 weeks. I've just been for my scan today and seen a happy baby that's 13 weeks old.

My nausea which had been intense when hungry and sometimes was present all day in particular got less full on and my boobs were not as sore, though still big. By 10 weeks I was starting to feel less exhausted some days. Having said that I felt awful earlier this week so it could come back just as easily in a few days!

I too had an mmc in October so I know exactly that panic feeling that it might happen again. It's very hard to keep the faith and stay positive but it is statistically much more likely than not that it's the placenta taking over rather than anything bad. This does happen gradually I believe up to week 12. My book says it happens from week 10.

I hope this helps.

Do pop over to the 'pregnant after miscarriage' thread on this board if you need a hand hold. All the ladies there know just what you're going through and having a read through can make you feel less alone even if you don't want to post on there. It helped me stay a bit less bonkers these last few weeks. It's really tough but remember, today you are pregnant.

NewJobNewLife Wed 02-Apr-14 20:29:18

I understand how you feel, having had a miscarriage myself. But I want to reassure you thT I had the same early symptoms as you, then they faded away, and I went on to have healthy twins smile

The presence or absence of symptoms during pregnancy is unique to each pregnancy. What you've described shouldn't be a cause for worry, but I understand about the interminable wait sad

Good luck with your pregnancy.

MammySam Wed 02-Apr-14 20:40:04

Thank you everybody, that really helps! It's a very good point that every pg is different, I keep comparing it to pg with DD and I was feeli g awful at this point with her perhaps that's it.
I thin I do need a 'hand hold' in these next few weeks so will def check out the pg after MC board, sounds like just what I need.
Thank you again xxx

Hevava Wed 02-Apr-14 21:58:12

Hello, my symptons started lo disappear at around 9-10 weeks too. A huge relief but a worry at the same time, you can't win eh?! ;-)

I'm now 13 weeks and have even less symptons but everything was fine on the scan. It's hard to believe that it could be ok when you've experienced the reality of it not being ok in the past.

Sit tight and enjoy the fact that time will seem to go quicker now you're not feeling so bad :-)

Lots of love x

alita7 Wed 02-Apr-14 22:07:55

I understand how you feel- I'm 9 weeks tomorrow and I'm going to freak out constantly as with my mmc my baby measured 9+4 and I was supposed to be 13 weeks at the scan.

But how long have your symptoms been low for? Yesterday I was terrified as I had a tiny bit of spotting and my symptoms had seemingly gone, though my boobs were a bit sore. Today my nausea has been HORRENDOUS literally I nearly cried... and this is not the first time my symptoms have come and gone, so maybe its the calm before the storm, my symptoms keep fading only to suddenly reappear with a vengeance twice as bad!!! Maybe you'll be the same.

Also 10 weeks is when symptoms are supposed to start to ease up and its when your hcg peaks so maybe you're just a bit early? Or maybe its normal for you and what happened last time was coincidental?
Maybe try talking to your doctor for some reassurance or even a scan?

Missingcaffeine Wed 02-Apr-14 22:54:40

I lost my symptoms at 9 weeks after feeling really rough everyday since 5+3 and panicked and had private scan and everything was fine. When I had my scan I was actually a week ahead. Symptoms did return again intermittently after 9 weeks and I still sometimes get them and now 15+4.
I hope all is well.

Snook99 Wed 02-Apr-14 23:59:42

Your not alone! I'm 9 +1 weeks and exactly the same noobs still hurt a bit though and I'm getting tummy cramps but that's only from bein bunged up (sorry tmi) I'm sure your fine though there sounds like there's lots of us! X

Stargirl7 Thu 03-Apr-14 08:20:38

Exactly the same MammySam!
Had mc in Nov, got pg in Jan and had a viability scan at 7 weeks and convinced it was an ectopic the pain was so bad, but there it was all flickery and bean like. Then suddenly at about 9 weeks what few symptoms I had disappeared and I panicked and paid for a private scan and again all was fine.
Symptoms are negligible now at 12 weeks and today is my dating scan, so crossing fingers I'm wrong about these bad feelings again.
Wishing you all the luck in the world and a very sticky bean!

MammySam Thu 03-Apr-14 18:48:46

Ooh how did you get on stargirl? I hope all was well?
All these stories are really encouraging so ill try to stop panicking and think nice thoughts!
Thanks everyone x

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