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Baby brain, tell me I'm not the only one

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qazxc Wed 02-Apr-14 16:14:12

I arrived at NCT testing center (MOT equivalent) to be told i'd got the wrong day, despite me having confirmation letter in my hand.
I have to go back into them tomorrow. blush
I seem to now be regularly forgetting/ not getting stuff right even if it is written in front of me! Oh god I'm going to be like the bikini bottom woman aren't I?
Tell me your tales and reassure me that my wits will come back at some point!

firstbaby01 Wed 02-Apr-14 16:26:51

Don't worry your not the only one! I keep forgetting to take my bra off when I get in the shower and do stupid silly things all the time

AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 02-Apr-14 17:29:24

My theory is that my brain is so full up with baby stuff there is not enough room for anything else!

CarlyKins Wed 02-Apr-14 17:36:14

I too did this with a couple of appointments turned up and had the wrong day and time yet was convinced I was right haha. Forgetting a lot aswell and being very clumsy. It seemed to have settled down the further along I got tho x

lyns31 Wed 02-Apr-14 17:44:04

I'm so clumsy now and I never remember everything when I leave the house. I keep forgetting words for things and I was taken in by an April fools yesterday that I'd never have been in a non pregnant state.

firsttimemummy2109 Wed 02-Apr-14 18:15:58

I keep forgetting to put te plug in when filling the bath up! Your not alone!

Missingcaffeine Wed 02-Apr-14 23:11:44

Went clothes shopping and left my newly purchased clothes on the tube - they haven't been handed in yet.

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