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Willthisworknow Wed 02-Apr-14 14:49:23

Hi I'm 43 (just turned). Just posted on conception thread too but...My first child was IVF as we had problems conceiving but then I went on to have 2 children naturally. I don't think I'd like to have another child but I haven't ruled it out. DH and I had unprotected sex a day or two before my period and then my period came. However, today I had major discharge which I only usually get during pg. I am constipated and the past 2 nighs I've slept like a log. In fact, DH had to wake me up as it was getting past 11 am and I went to bed about 11 (though I did have half a bottle of wine but I don't normally sleep that well). I couldn't be could I? Anyone else got Pg having sex a day before their period? i've heard women who are perimenopausal can ovulate erratically to give the body its "last chance".

meditrina Wed 02-Apr-14 14:59:30

Yes, you ovulate irregularly in the perimenopause, but that also means an irregular cycle. Has your cycle begun to change?

Of course the perimenopause could account for your other symptoms (ESP discharge) and a winter bug would cover most of em.

Of you are normally regular, and as you have had a period since (very late cycle) sex, it sounds very unlikely the you would be pg. But as it's on your mind, then POAS anyhow.

Willthisworknow Wed 02-Apr-14 15:59:03

It has begun to change but not drastically. Used to be a 28 day on the dot person but my cycle lengths have started to vary - most 26-28 days but the cycles have been as early as 24-32 days. I haven't missed any yet tho.... my mum stopped her periods at 46 and during IVF, I was told I had low egg reserve - so its unlikely....

alita7 Wed 02-Apr-14 16:03:08

Do a test, sorry it's the only advice I can give. I think it is unlikely unless like you say you happened to ovulate late.. but do you normally have signs of ovulation and if so did you have those around the time you had sex and did you definitely not have sex earlier in the month (some women do still get their period when pregnant as you are probably aware and who knows what can happen once you become menopausal ). But like I said only way to tell is to POAS!

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