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any advice on suspected placeta praevia?

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romomum Wed 02-Apr-14 13:14:01

Hi all,
Super stressing out i am 20 weeks pregnant had my 20 week scan yesterday, and my placenta is covering the uterus, i asked if it could possibly move but the sonographer didn't seem to confident i also have 14mm fibroid growth too!!! anyway booked in for another scan at 32 weeks to check up on things. i have had no bleeding no real pain, just discomfort i put down to normal pregnancy growing!!
im also due to fly to Spain in 5 days for a 3 day trip, its a short flight but worried!!!
any advice? experiences?? thank you!!! x

NestingNesting123 Wed 02-Apr-14 20:07:12

I have this and am currently at home after spending time in hospital for a bleed. I understand if the placenta is actually covering the cervix it's less likely to move than if it is just nearby. If it's nearby there is a very good chance it will move. Being booked for a scan at 32 weeks is recommended in these cases and from what you have said it sounds as though it's the case for you - have a read of your notes.

You just need to be very aware that bleeding is relatively likely from 28 weeks plus, and if you bleed get yourself to hospital quickly. It doesn't hurt - I didn't even know I was bleeding till I went to the toilet! But have never been so scared in my life. They may want to admit you to hospital from week 34 which is what I'm currently facing, and if you bleed you'll be given steroid injections to mature the baby's lungs in case it has to come early. The birth will probably be a planned section if your cervix is completely covered. I have a thread that I think has dropped to page 2 here if you fancy a read and there are posts on there from other people who have been through this.

As for your flight, I travelled long haul at 21 weeks and went trekking through the jungle in Borneo! I didn't realise the seriousness of the situation at the time but it's really in the third trimester that placenta praevia is something to be concerned about.

WhoAteAllTheCremeEggs Wed 02-Apr-14 20:18:36

I had this at 20 wks, partially covering cervix.
By 32 wk scan it had moved up. Sonographer at the time said most do, but I totally remember being really nervous about it.

sarahquilt Wed 02-Apr-14 20:45:13

I have it and need to have it checked again in 2 weeks. It's not much to worry about - all it means in the worst case scenario is getting a CS which doesn't bother me too much.

NestingNesting123 Wed 02-Apr-14 21:25:57

I thought that too till I had my bleed sarah. I don't want to worry you OP, the outcome seems to be positive in every case I have read about, and I have done a lot of googling. But it's entirely likely there will be one or more bleeds and these can be severe, which is why I can't go further than 10 minutes or so from the hospital until my baby is here. It's going to take a hell of a lot of arguing to try to stay out of hospital after week 34, and I may end up taking the advice and just going in, despite being perfectly well and absolutely hating the idea. Our healthcare system is the reason there aren't more dire outcomes with this condition as I discovered when I stumbled across an article about placenta praevia in Nigeria.

This PDF is good if you don't mind wading through it.

romomum Thu 03-Apr-14 09:26:22

thank you for replies, wow nesting nesting your brave going though the jungle!!! my trip is just a few days all inclusive I only intend to be laying in the sun or taking full advantage of the all inclusive buffetgrin grin !!

romomum Thu 03-Apr-14 09:29:38

I think I am a natural worry wort sometimes, whoateallthecremeeggs!!! I had 2 trouble free pregnancies beforehand, and Sarahquilt I think I'm cool with have a c section, might get a bit more scared nearer the time mind!!wink wink

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