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mandbaby Wed 02-Apr-14 12:15:16

I'd like to give this a go, I think. I'm only 15+3 but already noticed difficulty washing my feet in the shower this morning - not because of my bump, because I don't really have one, but because I can feel my hips seizing up (this is my 3rd pregnancy).

I think some yoga to loosen me up and keep me flexible might help.

Can't find any classes in my area, so if anyone knows of any good DVDs or youtube clips that are good, I'd really appreciate any info.

SusieSasquatch Wed 02-Apr-14 16:19:22

I am currently 24 weeks and have enjoyed doing these for the past couple of months....

there are another 3 on there from the same lady but they are for 3rd trimester so I haven't tried them yet

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