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overwhelmed - can stress impact on my baby? sorry a whingey post

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Sammi1986 Wed 02-Apr-14 11:38:14

Hi all, not in a good place today so please be gentle.

I'm feeling utterly overwhelmed.iv had a relatively complication free pregnancy so far despite doctors concerned I would due to my high bmi.

However in the last few weeks I had to be signed off from work due to spd so haven't slept longer than 1-2 hrs in a while now.

I was told I had OC and would likely be induced early. Then they said actually I'm borderline so off you go and no point in retesting (my midwife is fab and will retest next week) but now I'm terrified at the thought of going overdue as I'm exhausted

My friend died very quickly due to undiagnosed cancer and the funeral a few days ago was very hard going.

Now just had word from the vets that my cat needs to be put down. I have a history of depression and the lil fella kept me company through some pretty bad times so I'm devastated and blame myself.

I'm 37 weeks today, nor sleeping or eating well and I just keep crying. I'm worried about how baby is doing. He's kicking well but I worry about him.

I'm a member of a due date group who are great for advice but the babies are coming thick and fast so I don't want to bring down the group by complaining to them. But basically, is me being a dick going to impact on my bean?

ThedementedPenguin Wed 02-Apr-14 11:51:18

You are not being a dick. You are far from a dick Sammi. You have had a lot on your plate and of course this is all going to be hard for you.

Just remember your pregnancy end is in sight. It could happen anytime, when is your next appointment can you discuss an induction for your due date?

I am so sorry about your cat. I honestly thought he had made a recovery, it's awful losing a loved animal. It won't be easy but you will get through it with the help of your Dp. How has he been with all this?

Have you discussed the funeral with your mum as she knew your friend also? Maybe talking about it will help you. It also doesn't help that you were messed about at the hospital on the same day. Although it's great your midwife is going to retest you, so that should help a bit as they may reconsider plans if it has increased from borderline.

Just think very soon you will have your little baby. We are all there for you on that group and know matter how many babies come we will help you.

You have coped so Amazingly this past few weeks with everything.

Thinking of you

(Can you guess who this is?)

Sammi1986 Wed 02-Apr-14 12:00:15

Sorry no, I can't remember everyone's tags.

He has been amazing but I hate feeling like I'm constantly complaining!

My mum is great too and we have talked lots.i don't know what I'd do without her

squizita Wed 02-Apr-14 13:20:23

Anxiety and depression can't hurt baby.

However there is support available via your midwife so don't be scared to ask for it, you're not being a dick, sounds like a tough time and depression is a real medical condition. Take care. flowers

PenguinsEatSpinach Wed 02-Apr-14 13:25:05

Your baby will be fine. You aren't hurting it.

You have had a really rough time thoughsad . Talk to your mw about support for you. Late pregnancy is tough enough without all that too.

weebigmamma Wed 02-Apr-14 13:51:22

Baby will be totally fine. So sorry you're going through this upsetting time. Lack of sleep is torture enough but everything else is just awful to add to that. Be kind to yourself- you are allowed to feel like utter shite at the minute. The baby really will be OK. x

Sammi1986 Wed 02-Apr-14 16:06:01

Thank you ladies, was more worried about the side effects if that makes sense. Not eating or sleeping etc.
Feeling calmer after a rant and a chat, had some lunch and just bought malteasers!

PenguinsEatSpinach Wed 02-Apr-14 16:57:32

At 37 weeks, a rant and some chocolate is a pretty good first try at improving most things. smile

Take care of yourself. You have a lot more on your plate than most at the moment and there is no shame if you need extra help. It's what it is there for.

Your baby will be absolutely fine, whether you are stressed and anxious or not.

He/she is very far from a 'bean' now too - you have a basically fully grown person ready to come out into the world and meet you. smile

Sammi1986 Wed 02-Apr-14 17:23:49

Ha my friends do laugh that I still call him bean, especially as we've finalised name too!

Thank you for the reassurance, will be cuddles on the sofa with dp tonight

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