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hydraminos.... anyone had this?

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fourbythree Tue 01-Apr-14 21:17:59

had a scan last week... have hydraminos but sonographer couldn't see a problem with baby.... baby normal size... had negative glucose tolerance tests... today midwife measured me as 39 weeks... I'm 34 weeks...
I have c section booked for 38 +5 due to previous surgery I had...
my question is... has anyone else had this? I'm already breathless and finding myself in a lot of discomfort... this is my 4th baby... they have all been largeish babies but never had hydraminos so it feels very new...
am booked to see Dr next week

Pregnantagain7 Tue 01-Apr-14 21:45:05

Hi I had poly hydraminos with my second pregnancy I was measuring big for dates and they scanned me at 35 weeks and discovered I had it due to undiagnosed gestational diabetes. Once I was on a diabetic diet it reduced slightly but it was still there. I didn't really suffer with it too much but I was quite puffy and swollen everywhere and obviously I was huge! I think one of the dangerous things about it is it increases the chance of a prolapsed cord if your waters go because the amount of water that comes out can drag the cord down with it. My consultant and midwife both said if your waters go you must come straight in if you're out somewhere just call an ambulance! Other than that and soaking the doctor who broke my waters ( who had to go and change his shoes there was that much!) and being big and uncomfortable no probs for me or dd who was a very normal 7lb 13. I was also monitored because sometimes if you have polyhydraminos you can end up having a larger baby so had a couple of extra scans at the end.

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