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Pain after sweep

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SylvanMuldoon Tue 01-Apr-14 13:39:02

I'm 41 weeks today and had a sweep yesterday and have been in so much pain since! I did have pains on Friday and thought it was all starting, even got the pool ready for HB but they went off. hmm

Had more pains Sunday night but again they eased off but since the sweep yesterday I have been in agony constantly. MW said I'm 2cm dilated and 60% effaced. The only positions that help are leaning over my ball or lying down but as soon as I move it hurts again.

I've got MW coming again to do another one tomorrow and while I am getting desperate to get this baby out I am dreading it. I hurt every time I move and I don't know how much longer I can cope with this for.

Did your sweep work and how long after did you go into labour? Is this much pain normal? I've been losing bits of the mucus plug since Friday so I'm hopeful it will be soon!

SylvanMuldoon Tue 01-Apr-14 16:08:27


GingerRodgers Tue 01-Apr-14 17:05:07

I had a sweep on the Wednesday morning and had dd Friday afternoon.
Started with period pains as soon as had the sweep then just got worse and worse.
Wasn't until late thurs/ early fri that I was classed as in labour hmm
Good luck!

Jolleigh Wed 02-Apr-14 01:16:42

I had a sweep around 12 hours ago and have been fine.

That said though, the midwife is pretty certain my sweep won't have worked as she could only just get a finger in my cervix and it was still thick. My booklet says I can expect some pain though and it can be managed with paracetamol and warm baths.

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