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I'm 6+3 and feel about six months pregnant!

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GoooRooo Tue 01-Apr-14 08:27:22

I'm 6+3 with my second child.

The first time I didn't start showing until around 16 weeks. I'm also (very and embarrassingly) overweight so that didn't help and I suspect most people didn't notice until around 20 weeks - I just looked like I'd been eating too many pies again. I put two stone on in that pregnancy, all in the second and third trimester, and lost it all within two weeks of having the baby.

This time, I am filling out really really quickly. I haven't put on a single pound but I can't do up my jeans at all and I look about six months gone! It's ridiculous! I have maternity yoga pants on from my last pregnancy today as I'm working from home and they are so comfy but I don't really want to wear maternity clothes for work until after the 12 week scan.

Is this normal for a second pregnancy? I am assuming it's bloating rather than the baby as the baby is surely TINY at the moment.

Missteacake Tue 01-Apr-14 09:29:48

Me too!! I'm 7 weeks with #2 and I'm massive. I went out on Saturday night wore a dress and people blatantly noticed. I don't think anyone is going to be surprised when I tell them. Even my DH who always tells me I look great even if I don't said fair play you look well pregnant!!! I think it's because it's all been stretched before so it's not such a big job as first time round.

GoooRooo Tue 01-Apr-14 10:22:31

Oh I'm glad it's not just me! I don't think I'm going to be able to hide it for much longer, which is going to make work very awkward.

justhayley Tue 01-Apr-14 23:24:40

Lol I was the same this time round (now 24 weeks with DC2). I think it's more water retention than anything. I looked MASSIVE in the first few weeks - to be fair I was carrying twins and then lost 1 at 9 weeks, but at that early stage I don't think it was the twin making me so huge. I was the same with DS1 - massive from the offset then hardly put anything on in the 2nd trimester. (I put on just under 2st & had a 5lbs baby).

I now look the same amount pregnant as I did at 8 weeks

Giraffeski Tue 01-Apr-14 23:34:03

I'm the same, 8 weeks with DC #3 and massive bump already.
It sounds mad but if you can wear maternity trousers with camouflaging tops! the kind you would wear to disguise a fat day, it seems to hide it more than wearing normal trousers, I've found. Plus I find anything which digs in round my stomach uncomfy and makes me vom, which adds to the pregnant lady vibe grin

pilotsprincess Wed 02-Apr-14 00:27:30

I'm 12 wks with number 2 and feel huge too!
I did actually feel worse at 7 wks though, I think I was very bloated and that's calmed down, now I just look pregnant.
God knows what I'll be like in 4 months time blush

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