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How Much Exercise In First Trimester

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littlemissbrum Mon 31-Mar-14 20:43:46

Just wondered how much exercise people were doing? I've a toddler so am on the go all day and am trying to fit in a brisk daily walk (45 mins or so)/some yoga but feel too sick to do anything else really. Exercised quite a lot with DC1 so wondered what was normal? I'd love to do it the same way again, but really don't have the time.

weebairn Mon 31-Mar-14 21:04:21

It's hard when you feel so sick and tired. And if your nights are disturbed with the kids it's hell. I have a toddler too this time. I did a lot of exercise, mainly long hikes, in 2nd trimester last time, which I don't think I'll get to do this time.

But I do yoga, at home, in the mornings when I'm not working, my toddler enjoys it for around 45 minutes, though my form is not the best with her climbing all over me. I think yoga helps with sickness. Something to do with the breathing. And I walk a lot. Last pregnancy I was doing some running and weights in trimester 1, did not happen this time!!

Ithink you probably underestimate how active you are with a toddler anyway. You don't really get to lie around much. I work on my feet, too, so I'm hoping that counts for something...

Gennz Mon 31-Mar-14 21:09:10

I would be quite interested in this too. So far I've been walking quite a bit (10km on Saturday) but I think I'll ramp up the gym and do some weights and a bit of running while I can. I am starting to feel like a proper porker and am not even 6 weeks preg yet!

littlemissbrum Mon 31-Mar-14 21:18:29

I'm wondering whether to just do long walks/yoga in the first tri until the sickness passes. Currently in bedtime hell with toddler so the thought of doing weights etc now is a bit horrendous. Usually do Davina DVDs. I have a pushbike thing for him so I can pick up speed/get my heart rate up a bit. I ran through the first pregnancy but can't fit it in what with husband's rota/no real childcare. Bit worried I'll get stretchmarks this time. Avoided last time and I think it was the exercise. And think it helped prepare for the birth too so don't want to get too out of shape.

Greenstone Mon 31-Mar-14 22:15:14

I'm 8 weeks with #2 and can't believe how sedentary I am this time. Yes the toddler keeps me busy but since I do part-time desk job there is much more sitting on my ass. Hauled self out for a walk to the shops this eve to buy popcorn and even the little walk did me good. But we're toilet training dd at the moment so long power walks are logistically impossible right now!

Heatherbell1978 Mon 31-Mar-14 22:36:37

I'm 20 weeks now and for the first 12 wks didn't do much. I usually walk to work and back (30 mins each way) but that was a struggle in the mornings so I just focused on doing the walk home. You're not meant to do yoga until week 13 anyway so I'm now doing that and walking both ways to walk but am certainly lazier than I hoped I would be!

caravela Mon 31-Mar-14 23:22:39

I've been really lucky so far in terms of not suffering much from nausea or extreme tiredness (now 8 & a half weeks pg). Sometimes feel a bit off in the mornings, and get tired earlier than normal in the evenings, but nothing near as bad as many women have to deal with in first trimester. Plus it's my first pregnancy so don't have other children to tire me out! So I've so far kept up pretty much my normal exercise routine (mixture of running, gym/pool, exercise classes) just a gentler version, as I'm aware I get tired more easily and am trying not to push myself and listen to my body. Before I got pregnant I persuaded some friends to sign up for a 10k run in early May. 10k isn't far outside my normal runs, and so I'm now wondering if I will still be able to manage that... At the moment it would be fine, but if I'm more tired then, guess I can always walk bits of it.

MrsMonkeyBear Tue 01-Apr-14 02:37:34

I've not really changed my exercise plan since finding out I'm pg. I have started walking more, stopped taking car to work as I found the 25 minute walk eased my morning sickness. I'm on my feet all day at work but come home do some yoga or play on the wii fit. Stopped jogging/running as no amount of support in the chest area stops the pain of my boobs jiggling. I've also just joined an aqua aerobics class designed for pg ladies and that has been amazing at easing the aches and pains. It's also really relaxing so I've been sleeping so much better oh look it's 2am

kitkat321 Tue 01-Apr-14 13:03:38

I'm interested in this - up until about 2 weeks ago I was running about 5k (on week 7 of the couch to 5k plan) and cycling about 5 miles a week.

I had a 2 week break and just as I was about to start up again I've discovered I'm pg and wondered if it's ok to start light jogging/cycling again?

I'll need to build it up again as I lose my running fitness really quickly so should I be ok to get back into it again?

littlemissbrum Tue 01-Apr-14 13:09:38

Physio told me to carry on with anything my body was used to but am on such a break from running at the mo I daren't. Just feel like I'm having to be creative and do walking/shove in some pilates as and when I can now rather than being able to put a block of time aside. Frustrating, as do feel heaps better when exercising properly. Still, better than nothing I suppose. Just waiting for the tiredness to ease off. That's the killer. I used to feel okay to exercise at 8.30 and now I just want to go to bed.

Keden Tue 01-Apr-14 19:20:19

25w+2d and I have continued the same amount of exercise I'd been doing for the past 2yrs with some reduction in weight and intensity.

I go 4 days a week, for just over an hour, do a mix of cardio, weights, aerobics and swimming. I did decrease the amount I lift in weights and the speed at which I hit the treadmill/elliptical but that's about it.

My doctor says as long as it's exercise your body has been used to for a while, and there are no other complicated/high-risk factors, you can continue exercising for as long as you feel up to it.

moggle Tue 01-Apr-14 19:37:36

I'm not doing much either despite doing quite a bit beforehand. We did ivf and I stopped cycling to work while doing it, partly cos of the rain we had in jan/feb and also because the potholes were horribly painful to my bloated belly! Stopped running for the same reason although I've been trying to walk my route instead when I feel like it. My clinic suggests not to swim until 12 weeks, which I think is OTT but so far following their rules has done me well! Now I'm 7wks and feeling OK, but having almost 2 months off exercise I'm not sure how I should get back into it. The only thing I'm still doing regularly is Pilates so at least my core should stay strong!

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