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Freaking out - please help

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juliec26 Mon 31-Mar-14 09:12:37

38+ 5 with dc 3 I have had genital herpes for 15 years and had numerous outbreaks but have woken up this morning with one ... I called labour ward and mw spoke to dr who said fine for vaginal delivery as infection was contracted pre pregnancy and baby will have anti bodies but to go to dr and get tablets .. Both previous dc were born around 39 weeks and I'm now really scared about going into labour due to risk of baby catching and the fact it's actually really painful - I really don't want a c-section, but Obv would never want to put my babies health at risk .. I'm off to drs now .. But ever time I google it seems the advice differs .. Basically stating if you have active infection then should have a c-section -any experiences advice would be great

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