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Sore legs in bed!

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AngP2585 Mon 31-Mar-14 00:04:42

Does anyone else experience this? Every night I wake up during the night tossing and turning because my leg goes kind of numb and sore. I am 25 weeks pregnant, it's a flipping nightmare. I am not sleeping too great as a result I am shattered and still have to find the energy for my hyperactive 3 year old son with Fragile X Syndrome!!!!

I have tried a pillow between my knees to try and take the pressure off but no success, any advice would be much appreciated?

Sareva Mon 31-Mar-14 00:29:18

Do you get a burning sensation in your leg/thigh?
I've been experiencing Meralgia paraesthetica for the past ten weeks. The only way I can sleep at night is upright or on an in incline in the sofa.
If you are not suffering from this it could be sciatica, I had an episode of this pre pregnancy luckily I was able to take pain killers and muscle relaxants.
It's crap but according to other posters the symptoms go once you give birth - I've got 10 weeks left, it cannot come soon enough.

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