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First trimester weight gain

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Gennz Sun 30-Mar-14 23:11:41


I'm only 5+1 and I'm starting to feel a bit worried about weight gain (or that I'm having twins). Totally paranoid I know!

I'm 5'6 and was about 68kg when I conceived (abouty 10 stone 7 I think) so not super slim but an average BMI. I've been avoiding the scales but I think I've already put on about 2kgs (4lbs ish) - I've had to buy new bras already (from 10D to 12DD - with a little bit of room for growth) and the wasitband of my trousers are starting to feel tight at the end of the day. My hips definitely feel a bit wider.

I'm definitely not eating for 2. I'm quite a healthy eater generally and I actually (naively) thought I might lose a bit of a weight int he first trimester as I was previosuly quite a big boozer and I've obviously now cut out alcohol.

Would love to hear your experiences, reassuring or otherwise...

EmilyJane86 Fri 04-Apr-14 18:39:15

Ha I've had a hellish week at work and I'm so tempted to have a gin on my train ride to see the fiancé. My midwife cancelled so never got weighed. But I am looking huge

MrsMonkeyBear Wed 02-Apr-14 07:07:05

I'm nearly through my first trimester and have put on about 10lb. I had a BMI of about 15 pre preg, so very underweight. I think I was about 6st 8lb is, never really paid much attention, as I was naturally skinny lass, who eats like a horse!! I'm now skirting the scales at 7st 4lb. I expected to pack on the pounds, just not quite this quick!!!

Gennz Tue 01-Apr-14 21:44:00

Hmm let's hope so Loz! My sister keeps saying darkly "pregnancy has nothing to recommend it." Very encouraging!

Emily my DH is still drinking and I've never realised how annoying drunk peopel are (mainly because I was always one of them)!! Can't wait to have a massive bottle glass of wine when this baby is out.

Lozmatoz Tue 01-Apr-14 21:05:40

I think your shape changes. I'm 15 weeks and just started to see the scales move up. However, I've had a rapidly expanding middle for weeks and weeks but people have been commenting on how I look like I've lost weight from my face. Weirdly my wrists too as my watch keeps spinning.

As long as you're eating well, just go with it. Our bodies know what they're doing.

EmilyJane86 Tue 01-Apr-14 20:55:06

Gennz I too drank a whole lot of wine prior to pregnancy so it sucks that I put on so much weight. My fiancé has put on nearly a stone in my first trimester lol he's quit smoking and become some kind of human dustbin. I will weigh myself tomorrow and let you know the exact level of my piggery. Hope your feeling okay. P's I got major stretchy cramps between week 5 and 10 and lower back ache but it's stopped now

Gennz Mon 31-Mar-14 22:55:13

This is great, I am glad to see the rate of gain seems to have slowed down a bit for you all! Littlepeas we are just about pregnancy twins! I haven't had any real nausea so far but I doubt I've got away scot-free. My sister said it kicked in for her in week 6 or 7.

I was really convinced I would lose weight in the first trimester due to cutting out booze! It would not have been unusual for me to have had the equivalent of up to 3 bottles of wine in a week prior to getting knocked up. So at 650 cals per bottle that's nearly 2000 empty calories I'm not consuming. So unfair!

nyldn Mon 31-Mar-14 22:32:04

I put on 7-8 in the first tri, 10 by week 18 and now 14 at week 22. feel like it might really be time to cut it out with the nightly dessert! grin oh well....

littlepeas Mon 31-Mar-14 22:11:12

I am the same height and starting weight as you and almost same gestation - 5+3ish! This is my 4th baby and I gained differently in all of my pregnancies - lots in first pregnancy, nothing in second and lost and gained back 7lbs in third! This time I have put on 3lbs already - eek - eating normally/healthily but have been having a can or two of coke per day (helps enormously with nausea), which I wouldn't usually have. I think the best thing is not to worry too much and listen to what your body needs - I've lost weight quickly after each of my babies.

eurochick Mon 31-Mar-14 21:17:59

I put on 10lbs by 10 weeks. I was horrified at the rate of gain. I was eating a little more than before but not crazy amounts (certainly not an extra 3500 cals a day you would expect to have to gain a pound a week or so). I did go through a few weeks with a lot of carbs though, as they were the only thing that helped with the nausea.

But then by 18 weeks, I have only put on 12lbs in total, so my weight gain has just been very uneven.

Gennz Mon 31-Mar-14 21:13:07

So I psyched myself to jump on the scales and I've definitely put on just over 3 lbs - in 3 weeks since conception! I reckon at least 1lb of that is on my boobs, I look like a (not very sexy) porn star.

I'm just hoping this this rate of gain doesn't continue or I will need to be forklifted into the labour ward.

ChicaMomma Mon 31-Mar-14 15:36:47

i gained a stone in the first trimester and really regret it now.

I'm 28 weeks now and up 21 lbs, disgusted with myself! Was 5'7 and 9'10 starting off. Oh well, with any luck i wont gain too much from now on.. pfff

JustDanni Mon 31-Mar-14 15:24:58

my weight shot up too. it was a water and boob weight and leveled out in the next few weeks.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Mon 31-Mar-14 01:53:55

Everyone is different, and puts on weight at different points etc. I was having cramps from my uterus stretching before I even knew I was pregnant (thought it was period pains) - other women don't even feel this at all. Who knows, maybe women who feel all of this gain more fluid? No-one really knows. All I know is overall I put on quite a bit of weight (3 days after my DD was born I weighed 2.5st more than at conception). My mum put on only 10lbs with me, but didn't feel half the amount I did!

Having said that, I did eat a lot of crap when I was pregnant!!! I was really tired, and my answer was to just keep eating, especially biscuits and chocolate!! Oh how I wish I had constantly grazed on fruit and veg!!

EmilyJane86 Mon 31-Mar-14 00:08:35

I have been troffing like a pig though so I only have myself to blame

Gennz Sun 30-Mar-14 23:48:04

Thanks ColdFeet that is a great tip & v reassuring. I am feeling loads of stretchy crampy type pains so I suspect my uterus is working overtime, and I am definitely feeling the gain on boobs and hips so hopefully that's what it is.

ColdFeetWarmHeart Sun 30-Mar-14 23:44:38

You might not have put on that much weight. I expanded quite quickly between weeks 4 and 7, not noticeably to others, but to myself. I didn't have a bump but I was a bit bloated and I couldn't get my jeans on etc. I might be wrong, but I think you're uterus expands fairly rapidly in the beginning, causing the tummy expansion. If you are eating healthily at this point, any weight gain may be from fluid retention.
If you are worried about weight gain, a good way to keep track throughout pregnancy is to measure your thighs. If these stay the same then you are eating ok and any weight gain is just pregnancy. If your thighs get bigger, then you may need to watch what you are eating.

Gennz Sun 30-Mar-14 23:40:37

Ha Emily I'm sure you'll look fab! 10lbs isn't bad at all for 13 weeks - I'm worried I'll crack that in the next fortnight!

Mrswelly I think I might end iup the same boat. My best friend put on about the same & she was very health conscious - like you say for her it was mainly fluid too.

My boobs are crazily sore & massive - I really hate to think how huge they are going to end up.

Mrswellyboot Sun 30-Mar-14 23:37:59

Not to frighten you but I think I put on four stone

However, four months after baby arrived only about ten pounds were still there. I think it is a lot of fluid too.

EmilyJane86 Sun 30-Mar-14 23:36:05

Also I'm getting married at around 23 weeks my god the song...."here comes the bride all fat and wide" will be very appropriate for my 'big' day ha

EmilyJane86 Sun 30-Mar-14 23:34:16

Sorry about the grammar I'm multitasking. You will be okay when's your scan?

EmilyJane86 Sun 30-Mar-14 23:33:16

I all ready look like a bus lol

Gennz Sun 30-Mar-14 23:24:54

I am 5+1 so very early days! I've only been properly "pregnant" for 21 days. My clothes are all starting to look a bit weird on me, and I'm worried I'm going to end up like the back of a bus!

EmilyJane86 Sun 30-Mar-14 23:21:26

Try not to worry. How far along are you?

EmilyJane86 Sun 30-Mar-14 23:21:04


EmilyJane86 Sun 30-Mar-14 23:20:40


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