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labeatalol, 600mg and starting to swell!

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frankiebuns Sun 30-Mar-14 20:56:54

Ok, after ttc for 18 months we achieve the impossible and give our ds a sibling, but this isn't going to plan, I'm nearly 19 weeks pregnant I saw the consultant last week and she gave me hope and booked me in for c section for 39 weeks so I left with a happy out look but......... I saw dr on Friday she upped my doseage to 600mg a day and today I have noticed my engagement ring is tight and my hands and feet are a bit swollen! I am now down upset and not very upbeat at all! Anyone else going through or have been through this that can give me any ideas as no ones telling me anything, I am now trying toget to 24 weeks to try and give this little fighter a chance!

hubbahubster Mon 31-Mar-14 07:33:44

Labetalol is for blood pressure, not the swelling. I was on it for the whole of the third tri with my last pregnancy and I still had insane odema - rings off, went up over two shoe sizes, all by about 6/7 months. It doesn't necessarily all add up to pre-eclampsia.

Obviously this is a concern with those symptoms, but from what you say you're being well-monitored so try not to worry. This pregnancy I'm drinking water like it's going out of fashion and it's making a big difference to the swelling. As soon as my wedding ring (still on this time at 31 weeks!) starts to feel snug I get lots of water down me and it loosens right up. Good luck!

weebigmamma Mon 31-Mar-14 07:42:24

How's your BP and protein levels? I think they're the most important indicators. 've been on 400mg labetalol for weeks now and it's keeping my BP stable with no protein in urine. Feet have swollen to balloons but while BP and protein is OK then I'm not too worried about it. If you don't have means to test these things yourself go to midwife today, get tested and ask for some testing strips to take home. Get your BP done once a week at least with a medical professional (mine is always lower at home and so I take home readings with a pinch of salt)

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Mon 31-Mar-14 07:47:04

Hi - I was on 400mg 3 times a day - for high bp which remained unstable.

I did swell up - went up 2 / 3 shoe sizes etc.

Ds was born 5 weeks early. They offered me extra scans to reassure - could you ask for this if you're worried?

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Mon 31-Mar-14 07:47:37

** I didn't develop pre- eclampsia though.

frankiebuns Mon 31-Mar-14 08:33:13

Thankyou, my bp is stable for about 2 weeks then my body gets on top of dosage and does what it wants ie back up to 170/90, no protein in urine yet, which I suppose is great, I take my bp 2 times a day on a home monitor, I've been bookrd into a scan for 20 weeks ( next week) and one at 34! Haven't really seen midwifes saw one for booking in and one who wasn't my team for 15 weeks. Don't see my consultant for 5 weeks, feel like I'm getting left too much and I'm worrying

supermum83 Mon 31-Mar-14 08:51:30

I was on labetalol with first baby for about four weeks. Two weeks before I had him and two weeks postpartum. I remember the midwives prodding and poking my feet when I saw them, almost egging on the potential preeclampsia. Interestingly now with second baby they decided I did have it with my first, and consequently I have so many appointments.....go figure. All I ever had was a moderate bp.

weebigmamma Mon 31-Mar-14 13:27:43

If you're worrying phone a midwife and tell them. That's what they're there for and they will be glad you called. They should be able to reassure you and perhaps arrange to see you more often or make an arrangement whereby you can be seen if you BP goes up. Hopefully the 20 weeks scan will give you some reassurance that all is well. xxx

hubbahubster Mon 31-Mar-14 13:38:47

My diastolic when I'm not pregnant is about 90! What's yours usually like?

Flickstar Mon 31-Mar-14 15:48:02

It does sound like you should be being seen a little more.After pre eclampsia (at 38 weeks) in my last pregnancy I have had the usual midwife appointments plus I saw the BP consultant team every 4 weeks from booking in and from 28 weeks I am now seeing them every two weeks with a BP check from my GP every week. They also scan me at every appt (since 28 weeks) to check placenta function and growth of the baby. I am 'only' on 300mgs of labeatlol a day and my BP is stable at around 120/70 BUT since the weather had warmed up slightly I
am noticing a bit of swelling in my hands and feet. Could your swelling be down to the same? Just the warmer weather?

frankiebuns Mon 31-Mar-14 22:25:18

My distolic is usually 70-80 which is normal the 600mg is doing the trick, 118/77! Phoned midwife and they want to see me wednesday , my next consultant appointment is 6th may no ones offered me any extra scans appart from my 34 week scan which I highly doubt I'll get to, I also feel smaller than with ds but the internal beating I'm getting she/he seems ok! Flickstar I'm hoping the warm weather is doing this my hands were freezing earlier and it my ring still wouldn't come off like it normally would! Just need to get to Wednesday and 10th april!

hubbahubster Tue 01-Apr-14 07:40:32

Yep I'm being seen every four weeks, either in hospital or by community midwife, due to high BP and GD in previous pregnancy. Given your previous experience it does sound as if you should be regularly monitored. However, in general BP doesn't become a concern until your diastolic is about 100 so please don't stress in the meantime. Stay hydrated and see if that helps with the swelling smile

LoveMrKipling Tue 01-Apr-14 07:59:38

I'm currently 37 weeks and have been on labetalol for about four weeks. I don't know what anyone else would say but I feel so much better since I stopped taking my own BP at home. I still would if I got any extra symptoms (extra sudden swelling, floaters in eyes etc) but not testing helps me stay a bit calmer about it I think. My DH thinks I've got a blood pressure monitor addiction (he's probably right blush ).

supermum83 Tue 01-Apr-14 08:17:36

I like taking my own readings as at any appointment I get nervous and my readings are all over the place. The midwife I have been seeing told me the limit for meds is 150/100...if I'm anywhere near that at least I can present my own readings!

frankiebuns Tue 01-Apr-14 09:19:13

When I was 10 weeks my son was poorly and dr said I didn't look well and took my bp it was 158/110 and had protein in urine my bp has been up ever since but no more protein.

Errrr2012 Tue 01-Apr-14 14:02:44

Hi, just wanted to say that you shouldn't worry about bugging the midwife. That's their job and you can't be too careful. I had very sudden onset of
severe PET and HELLP at 31 weeks last time round but only went to the doc when I felt really rough as an afterthought. BP was 170/100 and trace of protein, I was just going to go home and sleep it off! Baby born a few days later! So just keep calling them when your worried, better to be too cautious. Hope all goes well for you. X

frankiebuns Thu 03-Apr-14 11:13:45

Thankyou errr12 my midwife has drumed into me to phone hospital straight away! Feeling a bit rotten but not sure if its a cold or just pregnancy related! I have starting spd symptoms and I now have to wait 4 weeks for physio! Not sure how much longer I can go on!

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