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Spd and accidently did splits

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hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 15:15:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TroubleAndFyfe Sun 30-Mar-14 15:31:51

confused Lay on your side, preferably in a deep hot bath and take some paracetamol if you need to. Hope you feel better soon!

RandomMess Sun 30-Mar-14 15:34:23

Rest, rest, rest, rest. Seriously that is the only treatment for spd. I found visiting the osteopath also helped hugely but they're not going to be able do much about you having done the splits sad

It is so painful when it's bad you have my deepest empathies!

hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 15:43:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WaitingAndSpinning Sun 30-Mar-14 15:45:41

I think you should phone NHS Direct just to be on the safe side.

RandomMess Sun 30-Mar-14 15:59:02

Rather than a bath a pack of frozen peas or sweetcorn on your pubic bone. I'm afraid now the damage is done it's just a case of waiting post birth for your hormones to sort themselves out etc sad

Seriously though you need to absolutely rest as everything you do that aggrevates it will make it worse and for longer.

hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 15:59:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 16:01:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomMess Sun 30-Mar-14 16:04:05

go up the stairs backwards on your bum with your legs clamped together! The physio gave me crutches which helped. Ostepath really helped by working on the muscles that were too tight and pulling on my pelvic cage - worth ringing around for one that can treat pregnant women (it is an additional qualification)

Can you arrange time off for the next week or so/someone to look after existing dc. I repeat yet again the treatment is complete rest.

hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 16:09:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dats Sun 30-Mar-14 19:05:12

Oh your poor thing. I did wince at the thought. Definitely agree that frozen peas is better than bath. I've been seeing a chiropractor since about 27 weeks for PGP and she says ice, not heat. Rest up and hopefully you won't have done anything too bad, see how you go.

dats, 36+5

RandomMess Sun 30-Mar-14 19:11:45

You may not be able to drive btw!

hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 20:07:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RandomMess Sun 30-Mar-14 20:14:57

It really is horrifically painful, I wouldn't say walk - it's more of a shuffling along, I used to find it less painful if I could lean on the pushchair as I shuffled along. Until I got the crutches that is.

TroubleAndFyfe Sun 30-Mar-14 20:16:52

I had no idea re frozen peas! I had severe PGP with my last pregnancy which kicked in at 14 weeks (currently 13 weeks pg!) and spent an hour a day laying on my side in the bath as it was the only pain free thing I could do. I will try ice rather than heat this time around if that's the advice. I also found acupuncture wonderful for pain management but again, it's not going to undo today's accident, you just need to rest up! thanks

RandomMess Sun 30-Mar-14 20:19:51

Trouble the 2nd time I got spd it was nowhere near as bad although it started earlier because I knew what it was, treated it with ice and made sure I rested and didn't aggrevate it. I really would highly recommend an osteopath in case there is anything in particular they can do for you to help lessen the tensions on your pelvic cage. I was able to ditch the crutches in the end.

hotair Sun 30-Mar-14 20:31:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TroubleAndFyfe Sun 30-Mar-14 21:31:39

Fabulous, you've both made me feel a ton better, thank you! I've been really careful from the beginning this time, reduced the amount I walk, taking baby steps up and down stairs (or going down on my bum when my toddler allows) and taking the lift or ramp option when out and about. I was really hoping it would make a difference and you've given me hope. smile The physio expected me to be in a wheelchair by the end of my last pregnancy whereas I actually found the 3rd trimester less painful than the 2nd (because I was resting, avoiding stairs etc).

IwishIwasmoreorganised Sun 30-Mar-14 21:50:05

Are you me OP? I slipped on lego at 30 weeks with ds2 and ended up on crutches for the rest of the pregnancy. I also used a support belt to strap my pelvis together.

I did get checked out in hospital because I thought that ds was moving less. The CTG showed that he was fine.

For the first few days I had to go up and downstairs on my bottom, but that eased. I could drive just over a week after the fall too.

I returned to work in a desk based role rather than my usual active one and worked up to 37 weeks as I'd planned.

I was ultra careful in and out of the car, rolling in bed (I bought hospital style slide sheets as I couldn't lift my bottom!) and up and down stairs. Ds1 had a quick lesson in becoming more independent too!

The upside was that labour with ds2 was over in 4 hours and my pain eased significantly once he was born. Things didn't resolve fully though and I needed up having physio for a while to regain strength and realign everything properly. My right sacroiliac joint must have taken the brunt and that needed 2 lots of steroid injections to really settle down.

I feel for you. It's by far the worst pain and most debilitated that I've ever been. Take care of yourself and your lo.

TroubleAndFyfe Mon 31-Mar-14 11:32:23

How're you feeling today hotair?

hotair Tue 01-Apr-14 10:09:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TroubleAndFyfe Tue 01-Apr-14 12:27:53

Phew! Glad to hear it!

RandomMess Tue 01-Apr-14 18:48:19

Glad it's much better, I wince whenever I think of you!!! A word of caution, do not attempt to kick a ball of anykind until at least 2 years after you've finished breastfeeding!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 01-Apr-14 19:45:34

And be very careful using one toe to hold the heel of the other Welly when you're trying to get them off.

That is still the one thing that aggravates my pelvis.

RandomMess Tue 01-Apr-14 20:09:29

Yes I can imagine that - ow ow ow.

I did something last week (my youngest is 8!) that twinged but I can't remember what it is to share!

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