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Anyone else pregnant again after termination for trisomy?

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DrSpengler Sun 30-Mar-14 11:44:46

Hi, I am newly pregnant (5 + 3), have a 2.5 year old DD and had a termination for down syndrome late last year. Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar boat and wants to talk about it. I felt very optimistic when I first got my BFP about a week ago, but am now a bit worried that I don't feel pregnant at all, no morning sickness yet. With my last pregnancy I had hardly any nausea, but with my DD was very sick, so really hoping to get sick soon! I've already seen my midwife and she's arranged a scan in a couple of weeks time to check dates and see if everything's ok, so not much to do til then but wait and worry...

FoodieMum3 Sun 30-Mar-14 12:15:54

I haven't been in your situation DrSplenger but just wanted to wish you well with the pregnancy.

I wouldn't worry re lack of symptoms, mine didn't kick in until 7 weeks or so.

DrSpengler Sun 30-Mar-14 12:23:40

Thanks FoodieMum smile

lyns31 Sun 30-Mar-14 14:04:34

I haven't been sick at all (am 21+4 weeks). Had the quads test come back 1:50000 chance of Down's. So don't worry about lack of symptoms.

AuditAngel Sun 30-Mar-14 20:26:55

I didn't terminate for trisomy, but had a MMC, the products were tested (private ERPC) and the baby had trisomy.

I already had a son at that stage and the gap would have been 2 years.

I went on to have 2 little daughters.

summerdreams Sun 30-Mar-14 20:43:32

im so sorry for what you've been through. I didn't even know i was pregnant at your stage and didn't get symptoms till at least week 8 and the only symptom i've had was morning sickness, it turns out i've got a medical condition nothing to do with pregnancy so really no ms i've had no symptoms and im 15 weeks and except for a couple of days of swollen breasts much later on at around 10 weeks ive had nothing so id try not to worry.congratulations and good luck

DrSpengler Sun 30-Mar-14 21:10:21

Thanks lyns31 for the reassurance, all the best for the rest of your pregnancy

DrSpengler Mon 31-Mar-14 09:54:27

Thanks very much for the messages, feeling a lot more optimistic today.

AliBingo Mon 31-Mar-14 11:45:00

Hiya, I had TFMR for T21 last March and got pregnant again in July, I have spent the whole pregnancy stressing and worrying about everything despite a clear trisomy test, but all has been well and I am due in less than a month.

I found I didn't feel sick until around the 8-10 week mark with any of my pregnancies, but they can all differ too. With my DD I had awful acid indigestion throughout the third trimester no matter what I ate, yet this time I had it a bit and stocked up on gallons of gaviscon but only had it a couple of times. So every pregnancy is different I think.

There is a good thread about TTC and pregnancy after a TFMR on the antenatal tests and choices board here.

Congratulations, and hope you have a great pregnancy!

DrSpengler Mon 31-Mar-14 11:53:18

Thanks AliBingo! Great to hear your story, and thanks for letting me know about the other thread. Hope all goes well next month x

LondonJen Mon 31-Mar-14 12:15:49

Congratulations Dr! I just wanted to invite you over to the thread 'pregnant after miscarriage' which you can find on this board. You seem to be looking for a support group you can chat with and if you can't find other people in your exact boat then I would like to offer our group up as a place to chat. We're in the same position in the sense of spending those first 12 weeks (and probably the next 28!) fretting and anxious about the outcome of a new pg being the same as a previous one that hasn't worked out. So I think you will find a lot of the similar emotions and worries being talked about there. We try to focus on positivity as much as possible but can be there when you need a hand hold. Do have a read and say hello if you want to. We have defintaley had some ladies on there with few symptoms which has caused worry but all been fine in the end.

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