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Iron tablets or Spatone? How much? Confusion....

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weebigmamma Sun 30-Mar-14 08:19:16

Doctor has prescribed me iron tablets and although I was sceptical I have just had a relatively decent night;s sleep for the first time in a very long time! So hooray for that. However, it is already starting to upset my stomach after just one tablet, which I knew would happen. Someone suggested Spatone so I bought some but the amounts seem way different and I would have no idea how much to take. I know it's more easily absorbed but I don't want to take less or more than I should be taking.

What I've been prescribed is 305mg Ferrous Fummarate with 350mg Folic Acid- one capsule once a day.

Spatone appears to have just 5mg of iron in one sachet.

Any advice from those who have been here before? Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

bakingtins Sun 30-Mar-14 08:31:28

I'm taking 2 sachets of Spatone which is the dose recommended on the packet for pregnancy and my pregnancy multivitamin which has 14 mg iron. My levels were borderline and I'm doing this as I know from previous bitter experience I can't tolerate the iron tablets. Are you sure it's 350 milligram folic acid? Normal dose in pregnancy is 400 microgram in first trimester. I was on 5 milligram as part of recurrent miscarriage treatment and that was a large dose.
The fact the doses of iron are so huge compared to the recommended daily intake, it's no wonder so many people can't tolerate it.

weebigmamma Sun 30-Mar-14 08:37:29

oops, yes you're right about the folic acid! lol. Thanks! My iron levels were also borderline and I only have 2 weeks to go so they've given me iron to boost my haemoglobin. I didn't want to take it at first but if it's going to make me sleep better than hell yes please! Just looked up my Pregnacare and it has 17mg iron.

weebigmamma Sun 30-Mar-14 08:37:57

Did you take the 2 sachets at the same time? In water/juice?

MrsFtn Sun 30-Mar-14 08:40:30

I took one sachet of spatone a day when I was pregnant with DD and made sure up upped my consumption of iron rich foods like spichach, brocolli and red meat. This was enough for me to get my iron levels to an acceptable level. I was adamant I didn't want the tablets because of the side effects you mentioned. Maybe ask your mw for confirmation?

minicc Sun 30-Mar-14 09:19:04

I'm taking 2 sachets in orange juice first thing (waiting half an hour before eating or drinking tea) then my normal pregnacare in the evening. I felt a difference after 10 days and after nearly 3 weeks feel like a different woman. The Spatone doses are much less as it has a higher absorbtion rate. I was borderline and from bitter experience I knew I had to bring it up quickly as we are hoping to have this baby at home. Also worth continuing with the Spatone after baby whilst breastfeeding too.

MoominIsWaitingToMeetHerMiniMe Sun 30-Mar-14 09:53:19

Check with your midwife/doctor, im struggling to get my iron levels up even on iron tablets and I asked about Spatone and they said there was no way it'd get my levels up properly because its a smaller amount.

weebigmamma Sun 30-Mar-14 11:19:41

OK thanks all. I only have 2 weeks to go so hopefully iron will kick in before then! My iron levels are actually fine but only just so I have tried Spatone today to see how it goes. If I don't sleep well tonight I might go back on the tablets. xxx

bakingtins Sun 30-Mar-14 12:48:03

At the moment I have the one with apple flavour & vit C, prev I have just taken it with orange juice.

Elastigrrrl Sun 30-Mar-14 14:56:44

Hello! I have had constipation/stomach pain with iron tablets in the past, but on the ones I've been using for the last three weeks, I'm doing fine. My strategy is to eat tons of fibre! Fruit, veg, grape nuts cereal. Thank God it is working. My general guidelines for food these days is that it has to include one of three things - fibre, iron...or dark chocolate smile

Ferrous gluconate they are called if it helps, though I think it is the fibre helping, not the type of iron.

Nosleeptillbedtime Sun 30-Mar-14 15:00:34

I can't remember what it is called but apparently there are two types of iron gps can prescribe. They prescribe the cheapest as a rule but the other is gentler on your tum. You could go back to go and discuss?

weebigmamma Sun 30-Mar-14 19:38:38

I had 2 spatone this morning and don't feel as good as i did yesterday on the pills. TBH constipation was not my prob yesterday- the opposite in fact! :-/ None of that today but I don't feel as good so will try pill again tomorrow and see if I revert to feeling better.

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