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problems in early pregnancy

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kirstylou84 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:22:50

Hi there, I havent posted on any kind of forum before so thot id give it a go! Ive had a bit of a scary experience this weekend and im just wondering if anyone else has been thru the same? I am 6 weeks pregnant and started getting bad abdominal cramps last nite, went a trip to A&E where they tested my urine and there was a trace of blood so the doctor prepared me for an early miscarriage but today ive had no bleeding or cramps but now unsure as to wot has happened. I have had a blood test which will be done again on monday to check my hcg levels. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this? Thanku in advance for any replies xxx

alita7 Sun 30-Mar-14 02:51:25

He prepared you for miscarrisge on a trace of blood in your urine?!

The doctor was incompetent and needs some pregnancy training. Over on the due in November thread about 11 of us have had visible to the eye spotting or bleeding and I think only about 3 or 4 of those were miscarriages, the rest of us have had healthy scans or its stopped. God knows how many of us have had traces of blood in our urine without being aware of it. It could be a uti, a slight abrasion on your cervix or uretha or if it's pregnancy related it could be all sorsorts of things or it could be unexplained. Be wary yes but those pains could even be bad wind so don't freak out.

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