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Sat here crying so fed up

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SylvanMuldoon Sat 29-Mar-14 23:16:46

I'm 40+5 now and had a really crap day and could really do with some hand holding if anyone is still about? Thought things were happening the other day, even got pool ready (home birth) and MW out but it all petered out to nothing. A few pains since but nothing major. hmm

Then today DS (2) has been poorly and an absolute whinging nightmare and I've spent most of the day in tears. sad

My MIL seems to have fallen out with me for some unknown reason and has txt to see how DS is (after DH told his nan he was ill) but not mentioned me or the baby at all. I saw her at a family party last week and she virtually blanked me the whole time and just spoke to DH's brothers GF (who constantly takes the piss by dumping her kids on her all the time and treating her like crap) and never asked about the baby once. I kept trying to talk to her but just got one word answers and it really got to me. I burst into tears when we came out and have felt upset about it ever since.

I thought we got on ok and don't understand what I've done to upset her. She is hugely into her other GC and has them to stay all the time but refused the one time I asked her if she could look after DS, so I've not asked again. DH's brothers are both twats for various reasons (both been in prison and treat her like crap) yet the sun seems to shine out of their arses. All by the by but her lack of interest in this baby (and DS to a degree) has really upset me.

Then tonight I have been having a few pains and hoped things were starting but they have gone off again. Suggested to DH that we DTD to try and get things going and he just looked disgusted (we've not had sex in months) and said it was too weird. So I started crying again and he just looked exasperated and went to bed.

So now I'm sat here crying feeling like a massive ugly heifer. Feel totally overwhelmed and like it's all going wrong and I am so desperate to have this baby and for it all to be over. Feel so upset with DH, his mum and everything right now. Any words of wisdom gratefully received. Also worried that me crying won't help and that will delay things even more. I'm a bloody mess! sad

Sorry about the big rant thanks for reading if you got this far.

nevergoogle Sat 29-Mar-14 23:22:05

38 weeks here and been crying lots too.

Also feel IL's are not in the slightest bit interested in me or pregnancy and my own father has yet to make any comment at all.

I've barely spoken to anyone today, just can't face it.

All i actually want right now is an ice lolly but i have none.

FWIW all this emotion and tearfulness is fairly normal at the end of pregnancy. Try to rest.

gwenig2 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:35:38

Relax getting stressed could slow things down. Stuff the family karma is a bitch. You and new baby are important. I was 40+2 with my son I felt hopeless. My DD was ill the night I went in to labour and the MW said it was the crying that stimulated labour. Don't know what you have tried to move things on. But sure you been told, pineapple, raspberry tea, curry. I would of rather tried them any day than a bit ok nooky. Good luck you must be cooking a beauty as he/she don't want to come out. X

Longdistance Sat 29-Mar-14 23:59:37

Stop stressing. Try relaxing, but having a fuck you attitude. I was my most relaxed when things happened. Sending you lots of labour vibes xx

SylvanMuldoon Sun 30-Mar-14 02:29:55

Thanks so much for the replies, I've eaten my own body weight in chocolate and am watching endless episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and have cheered up a bit now. I am still having some pains but unless they are regular and feel like they are definitely going somewhere I have decided I am ignoring them!

Nevergoogle, if I had some ice lollies I would bring them to you, in the absence of that, have some thanks and some un-mumsnetty hugs. It sucks feeling so shite and emotional! Your IL's and Dad sound rubbish too, I am taking Longdistance's advice and trying to develop a fuck you attitude, fuck em all!

Thank you gwenig2 as well, kids being ill just adds to the worry and stress of it all doesn't it? I am hoping karma bites them all on the ass. I've tried Clary Sage, pineapple, curry, nipple twiddling and bouncing on my ball so far. Sex really is the absolute last resort and I have NO sex drive whatsoever either at the moment, I just want this baby OUT. I will be having words with DH regarding a bit of sensitivity about it though if I am still here with no movements by tomorrow.

Longdistance I am taking your words on board and trying to relax and I love the fuck you attitude advice! wink

Here's hoping that things get moving along later on or tomorrow. I am also stupidly worrying now that she won't arrive till Tuesday as that is both April fool's day and the birthday of two people that I hate! hmm

Come on baby put me out of my misery!

CountBapula Sun 30-Mar-14 02:39:26

I had DS2 on Wednesday (at 42 weeks) and had spent most of Monday in tears. So maybe all the crying is a sign you're about to go into labour.

The baby will be here soon. I thought DS2 would never arrive but he's here now hanging off my boob and is gorgeous smile Good luck.

ComfyLeatherChair Sun 30-Mar-14 02:41:31

Sending hurry up baby vibes your way!

morerummorefun Sun 30-Mar-14 02:48:37

awh I'm so sorry you're feeling like this fwiw my mil only seems to care for her other gc as the are either single famlies or full of drama!
you obviously have a good support network therefore doesn't bother her arse with you! She'll need you before you need her!
When I was pg with dd I wanted to try dtd to get her moving but dh was horrified at he idea so please dont take it to heart that hes avoiding your advances I reckon its pretty common!
I hope your dc feels better soon and you have lovey relaxing mother's day or better still a new baby to cuddle xx
Take care xxx

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