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2nd pregnancy and so far I feel like I have the plague!!

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Sickandtired14 Sat 29-Mar-14 20:28:40

Hi, I am preg with 2nd baby. First pregnancy was pretty uneventful really. Had terrible sickness first 4 months but it got better. Had awful pelvic pain but managed. Had exhausting but good 3 day labour with no complications and no stitches or surgery etc.

Anyway, I'm 15 weeks along now and so far I am sick. Sick if I don't eat, sick if I do eat. Crave orange juice - I can taste it and it's like an obsession - but I'm sick if I have it! I am constipated, and therefore bloated so uncomfortable. My immune system is shot and I seem to be contracting virus after virus (DD goes to nursery so this is unsurprising really).
I already have a small prolapsed bladder which is worrying me regarding delivery, now I have piles! I'm only 15 weeks!! I'm exhausted ALL THE TIME! I'm struggling to keep up with the essential housework. The sink is always full, the fridge feels always empty, the wash baskets are full and the floor is dirty. I was in a&e all day yesterday as struggling to breathe and gp thought it was a pulmonary embolism, hospital said it's a respiratory virus with pregnancy and a toddler = exhaustion. They even offered to admit me so I could rest!!

I'm just moaning really. The magical stage of kicking has begun! I spend all my free time listening to baby's heartbeat and waiting for a kick so it's not all terrible. Sorry for rant.

I guess I just hoped if have a pregnancy more like last time but I seem to be getting all the crap stuff this time!

Rant over sad

Inglori0us Sat 29-Mar-14 20:50:44

Sorry to hear you're suffering. I'm having my second baby any day now and unfortunately this pregnancy has been torture. My first was a dream. All you can do is tick the days and weeks off as they go. It'll all be worth it eventually!

Sickandtired14 Sat 29-Mar-14 21:07:10

Thanks for reply! Everyone keeps telling me I feel like this cos I have a toddler. She only attends nursery one afternoon a week the rest of the time she's with me and it is exhausting!! I know it will be worth it. Maybe the novelty of pregnancy wears off after the first one!!

Good luck with your birth!

SpanielFace Sat 29-Mar-14 21:22:36

I'm 12 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy, DS is 19 months, I work 2 days a week otherwise he is with me full time, and I have never been so tired in my life! Also had much worse sickness this time and it's not letting up yet. Massive sympathies - I didn't enjoy my last pregnancy really, and I'm enjoying this one even less so far. The one thing that it's done is finalise our decision that we're stopping at two children, which was still up for debate a bit - I just keep reminding myself that this is the last time! Lovely to feel that kicking though, I'm looking forward to that stage. smile

Sickandtired14 Sat 29-Mar-14 21:35:00

I was working 2 days a week til a couple weeks ago. I hated my office and the hour tube trip. Had a problem with a member of my team - hope this doesn't sound rasict but he is 20 years older then me, from the Congo and refused to accept 'this little girl' as his boss - and my company basically refused to do anything everytime I complained about him so I quit!! Stuid in hindsight but I was so miserable it was affecting my home life and my toddler and my husband etc. Glad I did as working as well was killing me!!

Boogles91 Sat 29-Mar-14 23:01:30

You should of taken the admission and rested for a while, you could ened up being seriously ill chuck only so much your body can take sad so sorry to hear ur having rough time xx

sdaisy26 Sun 30-Mar-14 02:48:50

I'm currently 41 weeks with my 2nd and, though my first pg wasn't without its challenges, this one has been so much harder. Quite honestly for at least the first half of it if someone had told me I had a fatal illness rather than being pg I would have quite easily believed them.

It has improved somewhat in the 3rd trimester but whereas I quite enjoyed some things about pg last time, this time it is very much a means to an end & I don't think I can ever do it again.

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