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Scan showed sac but no baby

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DancerDi1 Fri 28-Mar-14 20:48:09


New to mums net but reading other posts there is some good advice and I could really do with some!!
I'm 40 and on the 9 march (3 weeks ago) did a pregnancy test that showed I was 2-3weeks pregnant!
The news was wonderful as we'd been looking at IVF as it had been 2 years trying since my last mc at 12 weeks!
Working off my dates this put me further on so I was booked in for a 7 week scan Tuesday 24th march!

Scan showed a sac but now baby! They said the sac was quite small which could indicate early pregnancy!
I have to go back for another scan in 10 days which Iv got it in my mind there won't be any sign of a baby and I will have to take a DC!

No bleeding as yet only very and I mean tiny bit of brown bits today but that's it!
I am worried that Iv got stomach pains, mix of cramps and general stomach ache more so in the last week! It actually woke me up last night but it felt more like a bad stomach!

I know it's a waiting game but wasn't sure if anyone has gone through this, has any advice!

Dreading next Friday!!
Thanks Di

wispaxmas Fri 28-Mar-14 21:25:06

Only advice I could give would be to distract yourself with anything and everything or you'll go mad waiting in between. FX it's not bad news!

saralou212 Fri 28-Mar-14 21:30:43

Hi im sorry I dont really have any real advice but just wanted to say that when I was only a few weeks pregnant I had what I thought was a stomach bug, bad pains rushing to the loo ect, turned out I was pregnant but that was the only symptom ive had, nothing since and im now 14 weeks. I hope everything goes well for you at your next scan :-)

Fishcake77 Sat 29-Mar-14 08:39:24

Hi Di, I went for what I thought was a 7 week scan - the consultant could only see a sac and said that I was only 4 - 5 weeks pregnant. I was completely out with my dates and had ovulated much later that I had thought. I am now just over 27 weeks pregnant. Don't give up hope, 7 weeks is extremely early and if your dates are out even by a few days this can make a huge difference. Lots of luck and FX for you :-)

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