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Newly Pregnant with PCOS

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chippyberg Fri 28-Mar-14 16:26:45

Hello All
I have today found out I am pregnant with my first. Cue: lots of Googling, phone calls and a few tears. I am finding it difficult to know how to feel, and would like to know how others have come to terms with the news when it is a big shock.

I suffer with PCOS, I was diagnosed 7 years ago and had always been told it would be difficult without some intervention to conceive a baby. Therefore, when my partner and I had been together for a year we decided to not use protection, and leave the decision to nature. ( We plan to marry, and are still very much in love nearly 4 years on).
I had been feeling different in myself for about a month (v.tender breasts, slight nausea with no vomiting, tiredness and cramping), so decided to buy 2x HPT to do, one last night and one this morning. Bearing in mind i have experienced 'phantom' pregnancy symptoms in the past, so wasn't overly concerned. Test No. 1, last night, didn't show a second line straight away so assumed it was negative, however the test this morning was positive, which made me look at the test last night again and lo and behold, there was a fainter, but still clearly visible, pink line. (How I missed that I don't know!)

I just don't know how to think, or what to do, I have my first appointment on Monday morning with my doctor, but I am in such a quandry and I have read so much info today that it is all overwhelming!!! I am NOT considering a termination, it just feels like the whole world has changed today!!

I must point out I am lucky to have a very supportive Husband - to - be, and although he couldn't quite believe it this morning I think it is sinking in. He isnt the greatest at explaining how he feels however so feel that a little support from others who has been very shocked to discover they are pregnant would be very helpful.

I am sorry for my disjointed post, my mind is a little all over the place at the moment! Thank you for reading smile

fuckertyfuckfuck Fri 28-Mar-14 16:50:09

Please stop reading stuff, you'll only frighten yourself as I did around 4 years ago, half of what you read or see wont ever be mentioned.

I was diagnosed in 2003 and found out I was pregnant in 2010.

I now have a very springy DD.

The only thing that was not routine in my pregnancy was the glucose tolerance test, everything was textbook.

Good luck amd congratulations smile

hobbjobb Fri 28-Mar-14 17:03:07

Firstly, congratulations.

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my first child. Like you, I have PCOS and was told I was unlikely to conceive without help
DP and I decided to stop using contraception and just see what happened, the plan was to wait a year and then seek help.
I got pregnant within 3 months!
Big shock and we felt like we weren't ready etc. but now we couldn't be happier and I'm so excited to met my little person grin

My pregnancy has been ok, I do have gestational diabetes which is common in women with PCOS and I am also overweight which means I am classed as high risk but I've had no other problems and I am feeling well (though gigantic and quite fed up now!)

Take it one step at a a time and try not to worry too much, enjoy your pregnancy!

lyns31 Fri 28-Mar-14 18:02:35

I have PCOS too. Wasn't menstruating so had no idea I was pregnant until I tested on a whim at what must have been 10 weeks. Only found out how far gone I was at 18 weeks as didn't get a scan earlier. At 21 weeks I've had no sickness and my main symptoms have been an appetite, constipation, and sore breasts. We didn't use contraception, had been told I'd probably need ivf. Took well over a year though.

lyns31 Fri 28-Mar-14 18:15:41

Oh yes, congratulations!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sat 29-Mar-14 07:58:27


I'm 18 weeks and have PCOS. Hospital are planning GTT for me, but otherwise all straightforward so far and hardly any symptoms. I think ideally just need to lead a healthy lifestyle and not think about things too much. You have little control over whether this will be a successful pregnancy or not, you just have to wait and see - I quite fancied a month in a coma so I could sleep through it all!

Maybe read the nhs website so that you're clear on what you can/can't eat.

HowAboutNo Sat 29-Mar-14 10:26:27

This made me smile, though not in a sadistic way! I was you late last year. I read scary shit, completely freaked out. I called my doctor and just let it all out - "is the rate of miscarriage increased? Do I need to be on anything to help me maintain the preg?" Etc etc. Was SO sure I wouldn't make it past the first trimester.

I'm now almost 32 weeks and everything touchwood is FINE. I've had a few bumps along the way (sickness, anxiety), but these have been to do with my thyroid and not PCOS. Have had a GTT at 28 weeks, but that's it.

Please relax. It must feel impossible that this has happened, like an absolute fluke, but it has and it's wonderful. Don't let internet crap take that away from you. If you're feeling particularly nervous, talk to your GP. Good luck - all will be fine!!

Klootami Sat 29-Mar-14 12:18:11

I also have pcos and was told I would need at least clomid to conceive. I have 3 children conceived 1st cycle, 1st cycle, 2nd cycle... I don't think the prognosis of difficulty conceiving is always correct. Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly

BazilGin Sat 29-Mar-14 13:56:36

Congratulations! i conceived my 1st DD with clomid, but had very straightforward pregnancy and delivery. No problems whatsoever, everything textbook.
Now pregnant again, conceived naturally and so far everything is going equally smoothly.
Try not to worry and don't google!

chippyberg Mon 31-Mar-14 12:26:08

Thank you all for sharing your own experiences, very reassuring (and a little emotional reading this morning - bl**dy hormones!!) I know Google is the worst thing to go on, everything, allegedly, is in some way a risk, very scary as I have gone a little while oblivious, so had drunk alcohol, eaten shellfish etc. Even had a tooth pulled with no anesthesia talk about taking it easy! It makes you wonder how we are here at all with all these different guidelines!

I have just been to docs and I am 12 weeks! shock

HobbJob; Lyns31; TTWTF; HowAboutNo & BazilGin: Congratulations, and the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancies, wishing you a safe birth, with happy healthy lovely babies.

Thank you all once again x

nc060 Mon 31-Mar-14 14:33:58


I am a fellow PCOS sufferer and fell pregnant following first cycle of Clomid. I think you will find it an emotional, paranoid rollercoaster even after you have had your scans. I am 18 weeks and still find myself googling things(slaps hand!). Please dont rely on anything you find on Google, it is not reliable. Just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy! xx

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