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Should i be worried? Confusing Midwife

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shadack Fri 28-Mar-14 15:58:00

Well i've just had a MW appointment and yet again my MW has succeeded in confusing the hell out of me scaring me and basically leaving me with sod all information

Im 39+1 measuring 41 i've had a scan weeks back to check it wasn't excess water at 32 weeks she was estimated at 4lb 12oz
If baby constantly measures over the growth line apparently i need to be seen again so MW call's hospital and talks to a sonographer who is "not worried about big baby's" then as she hasn't been out in the community much she check's with a leader of some sort
Listening to the conversation i am "10 over the 90th centile on the growth chart and have been since 28 weeks" . . . .
My feet and legs are very swollen and i have some swelling in my face hands but not as much no information given . . . .
Last week i was sent in for test's which came back negative/clear for Pre Eclampsia due to headaches
She tells me i may have to go in and be induced, i assume she meant today, then during the second phone call she mentions to them about inducing me on my due date so i don't go over ? then i get told i will likely be induced at 40+7 then 40+10 then that its only a hospital appointment at 40+10 to decide if they will induce me . . . .
She listened to baby's heart beat for almost 5 min's and said that there was some change there as i was lead flat on my back (painful) my pulse before that was 140 over 80 when listening to baby she then also check my pulse manually at the same time but gave me no more information on it
also according to my notes baby is Engaged . . . whatever that means

A bit more background this is my first baby and when i went for 12wk scan my BMI was 32 i come from a big family in both ways, I am asthmatic and when i go into labor my choices for drugs are gas and air or an epidural with the opiate's taken out or maybe a big mallet to knock me over the head if i have a C- Section i will have to have the epidural in place for several days due to not being able to take many med's

Does anybody know what is going on with me and whether i need to be worried or call the hospital?

Clobbered Fri 28-Mar-14 16:00:07

Sounds like you need to speak to a Dr. Your case clearly isn't totally straightforward, and someone who actually knows what is going on needs to make a decision, not leave you hanging like this.

MrsHerculePoirot Fri 28-Mar-14 16:01:22

I don't think you need to be worried, but I would call and speak to someone about what exactly is happening and when you next need to go in etc... Ask for someone to look up your notes and ring you back when they have a definitive answer. If you are at all worried then ring or just go in and speak to someone, it is always better to be sure. Good luck!

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