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Anyone's doctor given them advice on Biofreeze?

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weebigmamma Fri 28-Mar-14 15:28:04

The chemist wouldn't sell it to me (I want it for restless legs) because it says to consult your doctor on the back. So I went to another chemist and bought it there :-/

Haven't used it yet but I know I will be feeling desperate tonight. I can't used other muscle rubs because they contain blood thinning ingredients (I'm having a section in 2 weeks time). I've read of people using Biofreeze on here but just wondering if anyone has asked their doctor about it?

Stom91 Sat 29-Mar-14 01:04:46

Can't help didn't want to read and run but I know bananas are good for restless leg! Xx

mampam Sat 29-Mar-14 09:19:43

My chiropractor has recommended this to me and she knows I'm pregnant, apparently you can buy it from health food shops. I wouldn't worry too much. [Smile]

weebigmamma Sat 29-Mar-14 18:21:12

Thanks :-) I bought some and it seems to work fairly well but I've also taken advice and got myself some iron and magnesium which I'm hoping will sort it out. I have literally tried everything else so hope so!!

squizita Sat 29-Mar-14 21:25:41

Some chemists are idiots! One wouldn't sell me aspirin when I take it to ward off miscarriage under medical advice 'because you're pregnant'. Give your doc a ring but I'm sure it's OK.

ClearlyMoo Sat 29-Mar-14 22:25:01

I bought some from Ocado, used it then read the "consult pharmacist/doctor" on box. I think baby and are doing just fine.

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