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Pregnancy and being a nurse!

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Slg1234 Fri 28-Mar-14 05:37:13

Just want to ask all the pregnant nurses out there for advice on working while pregnant! Firstly, at what stage in the pregnancy did you tell your employer you were pregnant? And also how did you cope without lifting heavy equipment and patients?

Tomkat79 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:57:58

Hi sig

I told work pretty much straight away as as soon as got BFP my sense of smell changed so much that I could barely manage a trip to the sluice!
My colleagues were great and from day 1 wasn't allowed to do any lifting/pulling etc. I work on older peoples med ward so very heavy. Plus had a MC so wasn't prepared to risk anything. There are always people you can ask, please don't be a hero.
Since jan I've been on nights which has it's pros and cons. One long 12 hour day and 1 night and I'm done, will be 36 weeks. To be honest I'm planning on doing the bare minimum. Am so bloody huge now!
They'll do a risk assessment and you have the right to do shorter shifts if you find them easier in the later stages.
Good luck xx

Missingcaffeine Fri 28-Mar-14 08:04:01

I told my boss pretty much as soon as I started feeling sick - about 6 weeks. I tried to keep it from the rest of the team, but had to tell a few people out of necessity quite early on (things I just couldn't do or struggling due to feeling so awful) and soon I'm pretty sure everyone knew - although only one person dared to say anything (she said 'I know I shouldn't know, but I do, so congratulations!). To be honest, I didn't mind them knowing, as it helped me to cope, I needed support. Luckily I was not really friends with any of my work colleagues, so that saved the risk of anyone posting anything on Facebook for others to see or telling anyone I knew.

Thegreatunslept Fri 28-Mar-14 08:16:36

I'm an auxiliary nurse and I told ward manager at about 6 weeks then told rest of staff once I had my 12week scan. I went off at 34 weeks using annual leave and maternity started at 37 weeks. I found doing long shifts very tiring towards the end and my ankles were like balloons by the end of each shift.

Slg1234 Sat 29-Mar-14 07:09:42

Thank you for all your help, I have now told my ward manager but not the rest of the team, I'm sure there will come a point where I have to tell them before the 12 week mark, especially because my midwife appointment is while I am supposed to be working so I am going to have to disappear for several hours one afternoon, obviously raising suspicion!

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