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Confused, worried, upset...high hcg but no sac on early scan?

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Harry2007 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:42:14

Ok, so in 2010, I had an ectopic which ruptured badly meaning that I had to have an operation to save my life and in the process, lost my left Fallopian tube. The ectopic was never seen on a scan, although I had many and my hcg never rose above 800.

I fell pregnant shortly afterwards and had ds2.

I'm now pregnant again. Last af was 18/2, ovulated on day 15, so today am 5 weeks, 2 days pregnant by lmp.

I was scheduled for an early scan today. Nothing found on abdominal scan and pretty inconclusive transvaginal scan. The sonographer THOUGHT she saw something that could have been a sac but it measured 3.5mm. I had blood drawn and having rung back this afternoon, my hcg level was 1992.

I'm having more bloods on Saturday and another scan on Tuesday. I've obviously googled this to high heaven and the general consensus is that when hcg hits 1500, something should be visible on ultrasound, otherwise, it's deemed ectopic.

I'm so, so worried and the next five days are going to be hell on earth. I'm already going out of my kind with worry.

Have any of you lovely ladies been in a similar position? Thanks in advance for any replies.

rockstars12 Thu 27-Mar-14 21:39:52

Sorry to hear you're having a stressful time. I haven't been in the same situation, not being an expert at all, but generally most scans don't really pick anything up until at least 6 weeks. The fmc in London doesn't suggest a viability scan til 6, but 7 is better. I know you'll still worry, but you know it could still be too early to see. At least your hcg is high.
I hope someone with experience is able to share with you! x

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