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Sound like SPD? What can I do?

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tiredbutstillsmiling Thu 27-Mar-14 13:10:54

Am 21 weeks with DC2. Had sciatica with DD towards end but no other real physical problems (except labouring at 34 weeks!)

Last year (near enough exactly one year ago), I collapsed in pain & it was discovered I had 2 herniated discs. 6 months later I had a discectomoy & had the herniated parts removed.

For the last couple of weeks I have had a pain in my groin and lower back. It's getting so bad I can't walk with a proper stride. I tried making a GP appointment but he's on annual leave. My midwife is rubbish.

Does it sound like SPD? If so what are the next steps or has anyone advice how to cope? I'm a teacher and the thought of going through next 18 weeks like this is a bit worrying!

firstbaby01 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:38:44

My midwife told me I had to self refer for physio. If you ring your maternity unit they should point you to the right department

tiredbutstillsmiling Thu 27-Mar-14 14:47:05

Thank you. I've still got physio'a number from my back op recovery so may ring her and see what she suggests.

systemsaddict Thu 27-Mar-14 14:50:40

Yes it does sound like possibly SPD, though as you have complex back history you need a more general checkover too I would think. Physio can give you advice and a belt to wear around your pelvis hold it all together, and the key is to keep your knees together as much as possible - so take small steps, walk slowly, sit on a carrier bag so you can swivel out of the car, etc. And REST it as much as you can. If that's what it is it won't go away so it is about management.

I saw a chiropractor with mine and she was marvellous - couldn't address the SPD directly but lined everything else up which really minimised the pain, and I credit her in part for a lovely delivery at the end of it all. Good luck!

CityDweller Thu 27-Mar-14 14:52:29

Physio or osteopathy to check your alignment. Acupuncture for the pain.

My SPD came on at 18 weeks and was really bad by a couple of weeks later. I had osteopathy, which helped somewhat, but it was the acupuncture that got me through the rest of my pregnancy relatively pain-free. I found a local acupuncturist who ran a 'multi-bed' clinic for women and specialised in pregnancy and other women's issues. It made it more affordable (or, rather, slightly less unaffordable) and I was going every week through my 3rd trimester.

tiredbutstillsmiling Thu 27-Mar-14 14:57:52

Thank you both. Was starting to panic especially after my back problems last year. I had to live on 4 types of pain meds & morphine for the 6 months before my op and obviously I can't take anything like that now!

Interesting to hear about acupuncture. Have had it in past but wasn't sure it was recommended in pregnancy. Definitely look into that.

Thanks again!

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