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baby 3, 7 weeks preg, feeling useless

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MumaBex Thu 27-Mar-14 11:10:06

So 7 weeks into pregnancy with baby number 3 and i feel awful. Cant remember feeling this crappy with either of my last two.
I dont even have the energy to move off the sofa for long.
Zero energy, constantly feeling sick, my stomach hurts, running to and from the loo to not be actually sick, cold, the thought of food is making me feel worse, trying to keep up on the fluids.
I feel useless. I normally do the housework, take my 11 month old to the park and out for walks with the dog, go to the gym, but i cant seem to even get off the sofa to put a load of washing in.
Anyone else in the same boat???

HaveYouTriedARewardChart Thu 27-Mar-14 11:15:00

Yes a few weeks ago I was there too. Horrible. Couldn't even stir myself to get in the shower for days. Worst first trimester yet!

But you know, don't you, that it will get better smile

Come and join us on the TTC#3 graduates thread

There's not many of us, and we're a few weeks ahead but you'd be very welcome.

magichandles Thu 27-Mar-14 11:17:14

Holds hand up - DC3 here and I've been feeling so much worse than with the previous two! I'm 10 weeks now and on an upward curve, but still have moments of feeling pretty grim.

I asked my MW at booking last week and she said it was completely normal.

MumaBex Thu 27-Mar-14 11:26:10

Thank you ladies for your comments. Glad im not the only one. Know its probably completely normal just wasnt expecting to feel this rubbish. thought things would get easier with experience not worse!

magichandles Thu 27-Mar-14 11:39:44

Oh, I meant completely normal to feel worse with subsequent pregnancies - I barely had any MS or tiredness with DCs 1 & 2 so it came as a bit of a nasty shock here as well!

Pregnantagain7 Thu 27-Mar-14 12:14:40

Totally feel your pain am 11 weeks with dc4 I started a thread v similar to yours a couple of days ago the tiredness this time is so overwhelming I don't remember it being this bad with any of the others but it probably was! As haveyoutried said we know it does get better but when you're slap bang in the middle of it it's so hard to see an end.
Fingers crossed for and energised and easy second trimester! (I'm not holding my breath though!). smile

MumaBex Fri 28-Mar-14 16:59:01

Totally Pregnantagain7. This one has blown me out the water. Its the constant sickness and feeling like ive had zero sleep that has got to me. I definitely didn't feel like this with dc 1&2. But my mum made a good point that i didnt have 2 other children at those times. Luckily i have a very supportive hubby that is being wonderful.
My dog however has started being naughty, weeing on the floor and stealing food. Im a little worried about her actually as she is desperate for attention and i give her as much as i can, but with 2 kids and feeling rough as its hard and i can only imagine its gonna get even less when new one comes along. Dont want her to be unhappy, but not sure how i feel about giving her up. sad

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