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Any advice for starting new job at 15 weeks?

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Missingcaffeine Thu 27-Mar-14 08:49:30

I start a new job on Monday. I am terrified about what people are going to think of me, starting a new job when pregnant. It's a management position with quite a large team I'll be responsible for.
I got offered the job in Dec - but all the checks took so long to go through. I found out the day after I handed in my notice (mid Jan) that I was pregnant. My new employer doesn't know. I was advised not to say anything until I have my contract. My old boss advised me to still go for it - as it's a promotion and great opportunity that doesn't come up often and role is well suited to me.
I have a bump - which is possible to hide in the right clothes but maybe only for another week or two, but most clothes show the bump.
Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone else done this?

blamber Thu 27-Mar-14 09:25:23

I have the same issue! I was offered a new job and not long after that I found out I was pregnant. I should be 10 weeks when I start. I'm nervous about potential MS when I start, but also about telling them! I know most likely they will be fine with it and if they're not I wouldn't want to work for them anyway! I just don't know when to tell them. I would like to wait for a bit, but then again I have some antenatal appointments coming up, so not sure what to tell them about that.

barmybunting Thu 27-Mar-14 09:28:06

Do you have your full contract signed and sorted now? If you do, I would probably tell them in your first week or so just to get it out of your mind! Try and be as matter as fact as you can, don't apologise or come across as guilty if you can avoid it because you have nothing to feel apologetic about. I understand your worry. It's not the same situation, but I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks after starting my new job full time, I'd been working part time for about four weeks before than. I'm only about 7 weeks just now, so haven't told them yet but I will at 12 odd weeks so I can just get it in the open as I'm struggling not to say anything just now!

If you don't want to say anything yet, I wouldn't though. Let them wonder. You will do a great job, and your pregnancy will not stop that. Congratulations on your new job!!

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