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Measuring small at 20 weeks - reassurance needed please

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NurseSapphire Wed 26-Mar-14 16:10:17

Hi all

I'm currently twenty two weeks pregnant, had anomaly scan a couple of weeks ago. All was fine with baby (touch wood) but she was measuring a week behind. Sonographer wasn't worried, I don't need to go for additional scans or anything but of course, I didn't really want to hear anything other than 'normal'.

All her measurements are on the scale. Her femur length is in the twentieth percentile and her head circumference is in the fifth. Are they meant to be the same? sad

I pushed it to the back of my mind until today, when I sensed my mum wasn't being herself. She then admitted she is worried, which made me worry.

I've consulted Dr. Google and of course came away feeling worse than ever after reading about microcephalism and learning difficulties.

I really hope I'm worrying about nothing. Please, if anyone has experienced anything similar, please share, whatever the outcome was.

ItsSpringBaby Wed 26-Mar-14 16:34:21

Don't worry unless you are given a reason to worry by a professional. TRUST me on this! They do ultrasounds every day will inform you if they believe something is wrong. The measurements are based on averages, unless your baby is way off of these it's not usually a problem.

My baby is the opposite, with a tiny femur and huge head on either end of the scale. Dr Google says she's either a dwarf or possibly has Down's Syndrome. However, my consultant would probably laugh if I presented this information to him. Remember Google = worst case scenario, and it rarely ever presents the cases where absolutely nothing is wrong.

suntodayplease Wed 26-Mar-14 16:37:14

DS head was off the chart (less than 3rd centile) and the rest of his measurements were between 25th and 50th. We were offered a growth scan 2 weeks later and a check over with a consultant. The follow up scan showed similar proportions but everything was growing accordingly, no one seemed in the slightest bit concerned. When DS was born he had a perfectly normal sized head well in proportion with the rest of his body. I know they say that all babies grow at the same rate up till 20 weeks, but DS certainly didn't. Try not to worry, difficult I know. We actually went for a private scan later on in the pregnancy just to check all was ok as I didn't feel particularly re assured even though everyone kept saying he was fine. Perhaps talk to your midwife if your worried?

ithoughtofitfirst Wed 26-Mar-14 17:01:00

My son's propotions were a bit all over the place duribg pg and still are but you would never be able to tell by looking at him. Head on the 95th, height on the 25th. You'd think he'd look strange but he is absolutely gorgeous, breastfed like a dream, hit all his milestones.

It's hard not to worry but if they're happy with everything then try not to worry. Hope that helpsxx

NurseSapphire Thu 27-Mar-14 19:59:39

Thanks everyone so much for replies xxx

There's so much to worry about, isn't there?! I text my midwife today, she wasn't overly concerned. Said that from 25 weeks they will measure bump and if there are any concerns, I'll go for another scan.

Thanks again for support thanks

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