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downsides to being induced

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K8eee Mon 24-Mar-14 16:41:26

Are there any? i'm just over 40 weeks, and I have a mw appt tomorrow which I feel they're going to offer me a sweep. I'm not sure whether to decline it and just let nature take its course. The Trust that im within let you go 12 days over then the option of induction.

I'm trying to weigh up the pros and cons for both, and I know as this is my first normally they're late, but I'm petrified that if I do let it go on, that I'll have a stillborn sad

PenguinsEatSpinach Mon 24-Mar-14 17:10:10

The pro of induction is, as you say, the increased risk of stillbirth as you go post dates. Bear in mind that the risk remains very low, and also that there is no magic jump - it's not like it doubles from being one week overdue to being 8 days or anything like that. The research isn't that precise.

For your first particularly, the risk of induction is that you are forcing your body to do something that it isn't ready to do. If you get going with just ARM or the pessary, things could still be pretty smooth. If you need the drip, it is basically sending you -bang- into a level of pain and contraction intensity that your body isn't ready for. For most people that means an epidural, or one far earlier than you might have chosen. Of course, that isn't a downside for everyone. There is also some suggestion that epidurals increase the prevalence of instrumental births - although it is hard to separate causation and correlation on that one.

Personally I would have agreed to induction on +15 but not before. That was my choice. Wasn't necessary in the end as they came at +8 and +9.

elportodelgato Mon 24-Mar-14 17:21:21

I would say yes to the sweep if they offer it, it might give you a nudge in the right direction. FWIW I was induced twice & it was fine. Tbh, I couldn't have gone on any longer, I was DESPERATELY uncomfortable

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