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Irritable uterus- any experience?

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Bb14 Mon 24-Mar-14 07:12:16

I'm now 36 weeks and was unwell over the weekend with a fever and sore back. By Saturday morning I was having mild contractions every 6 mins so went to hospital. I have a UTI (suspected kidney infection) after some antibiotics and fluids the contractions slowed down and I came home.

They checked me and my cervix isn't dialating so they said I have uterine irratibility. Since I came home I've had mild back cramp and a few irregular contractions. ( not BH they are painful) Has anyone had any experience of this? Thanks

McBaby Mon 24-Mar-14 07:38:55

I had it in my last pregnancy from 26 weeks when I had first had over 24 hours of contractions every ten minutes this continued every few weeks till I was nearing the end of my pregnancy when I had contractions all day every day for the last couple of weeks. My DD was born at 41 weeks.

Currently 35 weeks and just had my first trip to hospital due to regular contractions every 10 minutes for 9 hours. No dilation and cervix is closed so irritable uterus again. Expecting to now have them on and off till this LO is out.

Dehydration, constipation, fetal movement, coughing stress all set mine off!

Bb14 Mon 24-Mar-14 07:49:56

Oh no poor you that's awful! So not good news then. Hopefully I won't be overdue! Everyone keeps saying "they will just be Braxton hicks" but I've had a baby before and these are no BH they are contractions mild like early labour but still not pain free!

McBaby Mon 24-Mar-14 08:13:55

It's uncomfortable and annoying but as long as the baby is happy it's not a problem! But on the plus side all the contracting and practicing possibly contributed to a very fast labour when it did start.

They don't feel like bh to me as I barely notice them! It's just hard to describe to someone what iu contractions feel like.

Biffle Mon 24-Mar-14 12:57:51

I had the same issue with DD1 & DD2, in and out of hospital from 34 weeks with regular, strong contractions that most definitely weren't Braxton Hicks and weren't dilating my cervix. I am currently 26+6 with DS1 and am just waiting for it to start again.

My biggest worry is that because I have never gone in to spontaneous labour before I won't know the difference between irritable uterus and the beginnings of real labour, especially as they felt exactly the same (I did labour for 28 hours with DD1 before emcs) ....

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