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From what week can baby's heartbeat be heard?

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miffy2 Mon 15-Mar-04 15:43:33

Hi all
expecting #3 (P.G.) in October, first MW appt not till 12 weeks. Lots of morning (hah!) sickness going on which has always been a good sign for me. However I am tempted to go to my GP for a chat and would only go if I reckoned he could pick up a heartbeat. I will be 9 weeks on Wednesday.
Do any of you know from what date a heartbeat can be heard on a doppler?

piglit Mon 15-Mar-04 15:53:57

Doppler not much good at 9 weeks. I had one last week (at 9 weeks/6 days) and GP couldn't find a heartbeat. I really wouldn't recommend one so early as it just makes you anxious if/when there's no sign of a heartbeat. However, when I had a scan it was beating away nicely.

Quackers Mon 15-Mar-04 16:26:57

Oh that's really early to expect to hear it. generally they say about 16 weeks, although reluctantly I allowed my Doc to try at 10 weeks 1 day and she did get it but we think it was just in the right position at the time. How would you feel if the Doc couldn't get it that time? Maybe hang on till say 12 weeks and ask??

twiglett Mon 15-Mar-04 16:30:08

message withdrawn

miffy2 Mon 15-Mar-04 16:46:40

Hi all,
thanks for replying. No real reason I guess other than the usual pre-12 week nerves.
I will see a MW at 12 weeks but won't have a scan until 18-20 weeks.
I am going to have to tell my boss in work very soon as I am looking more haggard each day (severe nausea and vomiting - just love it!) and I guess I was looking for some reassurance before telling him and then having a possibility of a m/c.

Anyway, I remembered hearing a heartbeat on my last pg and I am sure it was at my initial OB visit.
I am sure I can last another few weeks; thanks again for your replies.

piglit Mon 15-Mar-04 16:55:04


Doesn't your hospital offer you a booking in scan to date the baby from 11 - 14 weeks? I am having 3 scans in just over 2 weeks (my "checking for a heartbeat" scan last week, my booking scan on Wednesday and my nuchal fold scan on 26 March). I've heard of the postcode lottery but I hadn't realised just how varied pre-natal healthcare is - it's outrageous.

If you get really anxious about it then go to your nearest early pg unit. They are wonderful and very reassuring.

Quackers Mon 15-Mar-04 17:03:36

Yes it is so different everywhere, normally we don't get a scan till 16/17 weeks and then at 20. Miffy, could you try and get a private scan if you needed some reassurrance?

beansprout Tue 16-Mar-04 09:39:43

Had my first scan yesterday at 10 wks 3 days and the heartbeat was there. It wasn't an internal scan either (phew!) and my bladder was completely empty (long story...) but they found it straight away.

Why is this so varied and confusing for all of us?!!!

twiglett Tue 16-Mar-04 09:52:07

message withdrawn

piglit Tue 16-Mar-04 10:04:21

twiglett - I agree 100%. I couldn't understand why my GP suggested a doppler when I had a scare at 9 and a bit weeks when she knew there was little chance of finding a heartbeat. I worried like mad until I had my scan and was annoyed at being "offered" a doppler with little or no chance of finding a heartbeat.

beansprout Tue 16-Mar-04 10:17:19

I wasn't aware of all of this - hope I my message didn't sound blase, that really wan't my intention

piglit Tue 16-Mar-04 10:24:35

Not at all beansprout

Your scan was an ultrasound wasn't it? I think they "work" from about 6 weeks. The problem seems to be with doppler scans that don't really work until 16 weeks but are used on women of 9 or 10 weeks giving them lots of worries when a heartbeat can't be found.

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