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Is this SPD?

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Yazzoo6 Sat 22-Mar-14 20:38:34

I need some advise please ladies!
This is my second pregnancy and soooo different from my first! I am 16 weeks pg and have what I think is quite a big bump already. For the past 4 weeks I have been suffering with sharp achy pains in my lower abdomen, around my pubic area and slightly above. Moreover I am suffering with pain between my legs, over my nether region and very top inner thigh. Nothing in my back at all even though I've suffered with sciatica since my first pregnancy.

Any advise pleeeeeeeasey?!?!
Thank you,
Becky xxx

CountBapula Sat 22-Mar-14 20:42:42

Yes, sounds like it to me. I've had it in both pregnancies (I'm 41+3 with DC2).

Get yourself a v-shaped or curved pillow to stuff between your legs and under your bump in bed - lying in bed can be v uncomfortable, especially in the later stages.

Boogles91 Sat 22-Mar-14 20:45:00

Hey smile it could be the start of it i suppose. I have been suffering since 18wks, some days i look like a weirdo hobbling along as i go so stiff in whole pelvic area and with lil man setting me sciatica off. Ive told midwife and doctor and they just told me its normal loool i know some pain is exoected with whole body changing n wot not, but this feels like torture lol my advice would be tell your doc and if there good enough they will help you smile xx

Yazzoo6 Sat 22-Mar-14 20:48:51

Thanks countbapula, I've got the pillow sorted for bed but it's during the day that I'm finding hard at this stage... The full heavy pain below and struggling around already, it just feels so early in my pg to be hobbling and wobbling about!! X

Yazzoo6 Sat 22-Mar-14 20:52:08

Thanks boogles91, midwife appt next week so will mention... It's rubbish! My pg and labour with ds was textbook and this time seems rife with issues and painage! X

Gintonic Sat 22-Mar-14 20:53:59

Your GP should refer you for specialist help, it isn't "normal" - if it is properly managed you can stop it getting worse. There are lots if every day things you can do to help, google pelvic partnership for advice. Good luck!

Yazzoo6 Sat 22-Mar-14 21:01:56

Thanks gin tonic, I def will do. I didn't realise I should see my gp about it but sounds like it might be worth a trip. Thanks xxx

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