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Pre labour at 35 weeks due to UTI any experience?

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Bb14 Sat 22-Mar-14 19:41:32

Hi. I'm 35+4 been having back ache and cramps since midnight. Went into hospital to be checked and was having contractions every 20 mins. I have a UTI. Been sent home with antibiotics and pain killers. Been told to ring back If contractions get less than 5 mins apart. Problem is I had two hours of no contractions followed by pains every 6 mins- very erratic. Anyone else had any experience? Did you go into full labour? Thanks

Ferreroroche123 Sat 22-Mar-14 21:23:24

Yes I got one at 32 weeks with my first baby and yes it sent me into labour, BUT I started with what I thought were braxton hicks, but they were consistently 8 mins apart. I went into hospital and they took me straight in and put me on the drugs to stop labour. I was in for 2 days, took a two day course of high dose antibiotics, and they stopped the contractions after about 16 hours of anti contraction drugs.

Little devil then stayed in until 41+5 weeks!

So no long term issue.

I think you should hopefully be ok once the antibiotics take effect, but that may take a day or two to kick in. Until then, if you think your cramping/contractions are becoming regular again go back in and make them deal with it.

On the plus side, at 35 weeks, your bub is almost cooked!

From 36 weeks on, they usually won't stop the labour.

Loopylouu Sat 22-Mar-14 23:03:25

Last weekend I was sure I was in pre labour at 37 weeks. Then the hospital called with my urine test results from 5 days before(they are useless) saying I had a severe uti and needed to come in for antibiotic immediately.

Pains went within a few hours of antibiotics.

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