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New mum very anxious...

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johull Sat 22-Mar-14 19:18:45

Can all those mummies please tell me if a'hard bump' is normal. I feel as though it couldn't possibly stretch anymore because it's so solid :-( I'm only 26 weeks but also think I experienced Bhicks today! Can someone tell me what they're meant to feel like. Thanks

Vikkijayne2507 Sat 22-Mar-14 19:39:32

Hey im a first time mum im 37 weeks and get regular BH. They feel like the tummy goes very very hard for 30 seconds or so and then back to normal. I started to get BH quite early on. My bump actually is getting BH every 4 or 5 minutes now so it does feel hard most of the time

good luck

Boogles91 Sat 22-Mar-14 19:39:43

Heey smile ive been told it is normal as mines always hard lol especially when i get bh. I think sometimes if you have a slim build its bound to be harder as you already dont have much fat or muscle to surround baby lol xx

johull Sat 22-Mar-14 23:29:13

Thanks very much. I think it just made me very anxious. It also made me think about the 'birth' a bit too. I have a real strong feeling that she's coming early, and I'm worried it'll be before 28:29 weeks

Boogles91 Sun 23-Mar-14 21:32:40

I have had that feeling too :/ doesnt help i dreamt that i went into early labour the other night sad although our lil mans always rumpling about in there and i know there movements r less when your about to go into labour as they move down so if i dont feel him it makes me worry more lol its a continous cycle but we have to try our best to relax. As i said ive been told its normal so i dont really worry about that. I can also see myself giving birth on all fours for some strange reason :s im not really worried about the birth, just dont want to be awake if i have complications and end up with emergency c section, cant stand the thought of being in the operating theatre awake >.< hope little angel stays in there till its time for you smile xx

weebigmamma Sun 23-Mar-14 21:37:38

Totally normal. I don't remember having this with my first but this time I've felt like my tummy was made of stone for ages now lol. I am quite overweight as well so I don't know where all the wobble has gone but this time around I am much rounder and firmer than before. I am now 37 weeks but I've had braxton hicks for months now- also normal and I also didn't have them first time round. All pregnancies really are different. Do mention any concerns to your midwife and they'll put you at ease. Good luck! x

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