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How do you treat piles?

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allisgood1 Sat 22-Mar-14 18:33:50

TMI ALERT....I am currently only 16 weeks pregnant but have been suffering badly with constipation (twice I've had a fecal impaction which took 12 hours to shift and you should have seen the size...). I've had itching down there and today when I had a poo it was very uncomfortable to wipe and when I had a look in the mirror it was definetly hemmoriods. it's sore to sit but bearable. I've read that creams only treat the symptoms, so do the piles go away on their own? Do I need to go to the GP??

Cariad007 Sat 22-Mar-14 20:56:37

Up the fibre in your diet, drink lots of water, take Lactulose and ask your GP for a prescription-strength cream. Also if you get constipated for a few days again try using glycerin suppositories. I think they're safe in pregnancy as they just soften things up and make them easier to pass.

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