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need a moan

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slightlyinsane Sat 22-Mar-14 10:49:28

Im nearly 28wks with twins, already have 3 others, 9, 6 and 3. We know we won't get much further than 37 wks before induction, which was good as the kids would still be at school, my dad would be back off his hols and fitted in well with dhs work. Dh has text to tell me some dates have been changed at work meaning neither of us would be happy if he took his paternity when we were hoping as the implications of what he'd miss at work would be massive.
So now I'm looking at him only being able to have a couple of days off. Which means I now have no valid reason for not wanting my mum to come and "help" (also known as treating my house like a hotel) which means my dad will stay away so they don't have to see each other, which is a bugger cos he's really helpful.
The only other option is hoping they arrive at 35 wks and are strong enough and no complications that they don't have to stay in. Feeling fed up :-(

Elastigrrrl Sat 22-Mar-14 15:44:40

Sorry to hear it Slightly. If your mum is that much of a challenge and your Dad is so might take a lot of bravery, but just telling her that is how you want it to be and she is welcome later might save you all that trouble when your babies are born. Why should Mum get priority over Dad after all? based on advice on MN, I've decided to invite my own parents a few weeks after the due date. Politics be damned!

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