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Nosebleeds and coughs :(

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ningthemerciless Fri 21-Mar-14 14:42:46

Hi all,

24 wk pregnant with my second and this pregnancy has been miserable - just been one thing after another . I was getting nosebleeds a month of so ago but they seem to have tailed off now (She says....).

I have had what my Partner calls a 'Shitty little cough' for a day or so - it feels like a cold type cough cos I can taste phlegm too. At lunch today though, I had a bit of a coughing fit and coughed up a bit of blood and could definitely taste blood at the back of my throat. It has sort of gone now - the taste has pretty much left and I haven't brought up any blood when coughing (even when I try to get the phlegm from the back of my throat - god this is delightful!). SO I was wondering if I have had a nosebleed at the back and that's what I was bringing up. My nose def feels tender and dry now.

What I'm basically looking for is a bit of reassurance that someone else has had similar with the cough and the blood and the nosebleed thing. I know it's stupid but I don't want to keep bothering my midwife/practice nurse with possible minor things (although if it comes back over the weekend I'm phoning NHS24). This pregnancy has been tough and I'm just feeling anxious a lot of the time now.

Thanks for reading.

GummiBear74 Fri 21-Mar-14 14:47:39

I had minor nosebleeds throughout pregnancy, including ones that were started by laughing too hard or crying. I didn't have a "shitty little cough", but I frequently could taste blood at the back of my throat and assumed that this was blood from my nose that was running backwards instead of forwards!

Hope that helps. The nosebleeds vanished pretty much the instant DD arrived, to my great relief!

thebestnameshavegone Fri 21-Mar-14 15:28:56

yep, had plenty of nosebleeds here too (i'm 20 weeks). I haven't have a cough though, and I haven't tasted blood in my throat, so I assume the blood is all coming out of my nose. it feels weird, I've never had nosebleeds before but I asked my gp and she said its totally normal, as long as they stop within about 10 minutes or so.

OrangeBlossom2 Fri 21-Mar-14 16:13:39

I had lots of nosebleeds when pregnant. Something about all the blood vessels widening I think. And in the night it would go down my throat from laying down and the phlegm would be a bit blood tinged.

Hellymummy Fri 21-Mar-14 17:13:10

Always have nosebleeds when I'm pregnant but never any other time!

ningthemerciless Fri 21-Mar-14 17:23:15

Thanks guys - feel more reassured now.

I NEVER have nosebleeds so when they started at about 14 wks, they really freaked me out. I think that the cough was just a red herring cos I've tasted the blood before (a lot!) and I think that it just came back up with the cough. Again, freaked me out - bit on edge this time round smile.

I think I would be okay with it if I could see the blood coming out my nostril but the fact it's not and I can't see what's going on is just eugh. Only 16 weeks to go!

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