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Best money/time spent during pregnancy

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Charingcrossbun Thu 20-Mar-14 20:09:17

At 41weeks I'm trying hard to look on the positive and was interested to know the things you are glad you did/bought during pregnancy.

Mine would be:
Joined the gym at 25weeks. DP and I swam nearly everyday and towards the end being able to have a long long hot walk in shower is amazing!
Knee high boots with stacked heels - wore them to death with leggings and dresses (much cheaper than buying maternity clothes).
Kindle - I have loved being able to read a book with one hand whilst lying on my side.
NCT classes as I'm new to the city and it has been a great way to me other people.

What are yours?

rootypig Thu 20-Mar-14 20:12:28

Interesting. Whole food prenatal vitamins and omega supplements for peace of mind because I was living on McDonald's and tuna pasta. Cold gel packs for my agonising ribs in third trimester. Dermamum cream and oil - no stretchmarks, not a one!

JustAboutAdeqeuate Thu 20-Mar-14 20:13:34

Pregnancy pilates. 6 nights a week, I can't sleep for shit, but on pilates nights I have amazing sleep and wake up feeling really rested. Might help with the birth too, time will tell.

A properly well fitting pair of maternity jeans. Improves every outfit.

Truffkin Sun 23-Mar-14 13:54:55

I'm 34 weeks with DC2 and mine are:
Pregnancy relaxation class every Wednesday has been brilliant switch off time.
Cowshed pregnancy full body massage is the best treat ever.
Preggo pillows for convoluted nighttime support arrangements grin
Spatone sachets to avoid the dreaded constipating iron tablets!

MissHC Sun 23-Mar-14 14:06:06

Pregnancy yoga classes. They taught you breathing exercises and labour positions too. I really think I managed to give birth without pain relief (hospital sent me home!) thanks to those classes.

Pregnacare tablets. I had an awful pregnancy - couldn't eat anything but chicken, soup and eggs - and I think the vitamins in there kept me healthy.

Leggings from mamas and papas. Lived in them and still do even though DD os 4 months old today

PenguinsEatSpinach Sun 23-Mar-14 16:12:39

Investing in well fitting, quality underwired bras for each stage. I actually still have boobs rather than one matronly shelf. And they are now on baby no 3 so well worn.

DXBMermaid Sun 23-Mar-14 16:19:33

Napping... Used to LOVE my afternoon naps.

Visits to chiropractor to help with my SPD. She has been a life saver in preventing it from becoming worse and also after delivery.

Ante-natal class as it finally got DH involved and switched on to what was going to happen during delivery.

Natal hyponotherapy cd's and TENS machine. Together with gas and air it got me through an induced labour that lasted 24+ hours and ended with a vaccuum delivery without needing an epidural or other drugs.

Going out for dinner and a movie with DH. Again once the baby arrives things like that get a bit tricky and involve lots of planning.

weebairn Sun 23-Mar-14 17:01:33

I got about four pregnancy massages last pregnancy and each one saved my life for £30 a time.

NomDeClavier Sun 23-Mar-14 17:06:25

Consultation with Babylist - I knew I had everything I needed and it's good quality stuff and it probably saved me money in the long run!

Gym membership

A good maternity wrap dress

An ikea pohang chair with footstool

Pregnancy yoga DVD - amazing when you have heartburn orvavrandom ache at 3am and it gives you the exercise that helps!

Natal hypnotherapy


Night in a hotel with an amazing bath!

weebigmamma Mon 24-Mar-14 04:34:33

Kindle (the paperwhite one that glows in the dark) and Gaviscon!

FadBook Mon 24-Mar-14 06:17:56

Natal hypnotherapy course - highly recommended over other antenatal classes if you are nervous about the birth,

Tens machine hire

Job lot of clothes on eBay - 25% were crap, but for £22 I had a 'new' maternity wardrobe (3 jeans, 2 trousers, 6 tops, bump band, 1 dress)

'Sole reviver' ballet pumps from Next (£38 but definitely worth it)

Inglori0us Mon 24-Mar-14 12:05:12

Massages. Absolutely amazing.

ScarletStar Mon 24-Mar-14 12:08:41

5ft pregnancy pillow from ebay

A really flattering pair of black, stretchy maternity 'yoga pants' that doubled up as work trousers when I got huge. They were from Mothercare and are still in really good nick.

However my best memory of spending money whilst pregnant was phoning for a double mushroom with extra mushroom pizza from Domino's one afternoon when I had a huge craving. smile

Thatsnotmyfigure Mon 24-Mar-14 13:05:33

Natal hypnotherapy CDs and a good holiday in the second trimester!

Pixielady83 Tue 25-Mar-14 10:40:52

Reflexology sessions which were really relaxing and managed my SPD symptoms.

A lovely beach holiday with plenty of sleep time (unfortunately not possible in subsequent pregnancies due to demanding toddler!)

Spa treatments - no time after baby arrives to do that kind of thing for a while.

Going out to dinner/movies with DH as much as possible (again harder in subsequent pregnancies without plenty of babysitting availability!)

buffythebarbieslayer Tue 25-Mar-14 15:04:49

Not a lot of money but in terms of time spent -

Afternoon naps
Long relaxing baths with scented candles
Reading Kindle
Making time with dh on weekend nights to chat and make love (have two kids already so this is hard to come by)
Comfy maternity leggings, great under dresses.
Nice body cream to rub into bump.

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