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2nd attempt at lumber puncture while pregnant do i go?

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summerdreams Thu 20-Mar-14 16:23:05

bare with me its a lot to tell.
ive been suffering with migraines everyday for 6 weeks with vomiting and black outs and im 13 weeks pregnant after having a suspected aneurysm was taken into hospital to have a ct scan and observation this morning after a clear ct scan i went for a lumber puncture they put the needle in the wrong place and for 10 minutes poked and proded me while i had shooting pains in every nerve in my body the dr then tried again same thing again i was shaking uncontrollably and sweating by this time im in tears whilst they go to get someone more qualified by this time ive had enough and say i cant take any more ive still got shooting pains down my back through my legs and in my feet and this was about 3 hours ago meant to go back tomorrow do i go cos im terrified and dont want the baby to be distressed any one got any ideas? oh and they've warned me if i dont have it done they wont no whats wrong with me and i could get a lot worse please someone help!

PopiusTartius Thu 20-Mar-14 16:39:37

Yes, you go. They wouldn't be suggesting performing an invasive test on you in your current condition if it wasn't necessary. And lots of conditions become unstable in pregnancy so it's even more important they find out what's going on with you.

But you take someone with you to hold your hand, and when you get there you explain exactly what happened last time, that this is your second attempt, that it was very traumatic and so you need it done by their most experienced person this time and no messing.

Best of luck love thanks

isisisis Thu 20-Mar-14 16:40:24

Yes, you go because you simply can't go on as you are. But you do not have to have any test you don't want to. You need to have a conversation with the people looking after you as to what they want to do & why. What are the benefits of doing it? What are the risks? Are there any alternatives? Is it worth waiting for other results (assume they're looking for infection?) eg bloods before deciding on next move?
It might well be that a lumber puncture is needed & can't be delayed but at least you'll be a bit more comftable with the process. Do you have someone who can go with you to be your voice if you get upset?
I was advised to have extensive tests/treatment in early pregnancy that had risks to the baby so I very much understand how scary it it. I had a full & frank discussion with staff & agreed to some tests, delaying others until results were back to see how I wanted to proceed. The medical staff will have your best interests at heart, have a discussion with them & make decisions with them. Good luck.

summerdreams Thu 20-Mar-14 17:05:39

thank you so much. I know i need to go im just traumatised by the thought of that pain again but i guess tomorrow will tell, my mum was with me and shaking just as violently watching me. They've said they're getting the top guy to do it and they was very understanding ive just never been in so much pain.

Gen35 Thu 20-Mar-14 17:36:37

Ah poor, poor you. You are being so brave, you know you have to go back though, it's for the best. Will be thinking of you. Based on family experience, when they say they're getting the top man in, they most likely are and fingers crossed they know exactly what they're doing.

swampusdonkus Thu 20-Mar-14 17:48:49

Hi summer, you have my sympathies. I have had a few LPs since being pregnant, and lost count of the number I have had pre-pregnancy. I have them due to a neuro condition I have. I find them quite traumatising too, as they can be so damn painful. What I have found makes a massive difference is having someone more experienced doing one. The last one I had in pregnancy I had a Registrar do it and my God he got the needle in within moments and this reduced the pain massively. It still wasn't pleasant but it was manageable. In the past I have had junior doctors attempt them and sometimes they have been trying to get the needle in for 40+ minutes. I ended up having sedation in subsequent LPs to help zone me out. Although this isn't necessarily a route you want to go down, it is possible, even in pregnancy.

My advice in the first instance would be to ask for someone more experienced to do it as it makes a hell of a lot of difference. You must let them try and find out what is wrong; it is scary but it is better that they know so it can be treated. I have had a lot of procedures during my pregnancy (now 29w) due to my condition and whilst it has been v stressful and not how I planned things to go, I know it is in both mine and the baby's interests (and she seems to be ding fine!). Please PM me if I can be of any other support. Good luck!

Kellyjdancer Thu 20-Mar-14 17:56:40

I have had a successful LP before. If done well, it's just a bit uncomfortable. I'm sure you will have a better experience next time. The diagnostics that can be done with the fluid is phenomenol and should provide you with answers. Let is know how it goes!

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