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Hi my name's...and I'm a rageaholic!

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Stargirl7 Thu 20-Mar-14 13:34:57

So...the long and short of it is, I am 10 weeks pregnant and seem to have recently turned into some kind of raging lunatic! Everything is making me angry and I keep losing my temper at the slightest provocation. I also feel very down sad Please tell me this is just a hormonal thing that will subside eventually?!

TheBuggerlugs Thu 20-Mar-14 13:37:06

Star I'm 9+3 and go from happy to psycho in 0.5 seconds. You are not alone grin

summerbaby2014 Thu 20-Mar-14 21:33:28

Yup. Normal! It'll subside a little in a few weeks, but I'm still much more impatient at 27wks. I can imagine the rage returning in late pregnancy too!

judypoops Thu 20-Mar-14 21:35:28

Normal! I lived by the rule of not saying anything to anyone while I was pregnant if they'd annoyed me, I didn't trust myself!

FirsttimerG Thu 20-Mar-14 21:46:27

I am 11 weeks and exactly the same!!

lgwilk Thu 20-Mar-14 21:48:05

I was exactly the same. Really really angry. Am normally a very timid quiet thing that would never say boo to a goose. As soon as preggers I was way more aggressive and it only got worse once baba was here. God help anyone who commented on (or even looked at me) whilst feeding him. I was a real grumpy mama bear. I'm back to normal now and really miss being able to stand up for myself.

Boogles91 Thu 20-Mar-14 22:07:49

I dotn get this as such but i have trouble arguing calmly with the huubby lol the other day i started taking my anger out onthe bed and a mop that was in the bathroom.....although he did insult my mum who i am close to and very protective n love very much 0.0 so i guess he just hit a nerve -.- i dont live it down now everytime he sees the mop xx

xxx28xxx Fri 21-Mar-14 06:59:53

I feel for u, I have the rage too. It did go away during second trimester but it back with vengeance in the 3rd! Actually half them time I don't even realise now as I'm so used to it lol. But I used to be quite a timid person so for me it's quite nice to be able to stand up for myself a bit more! I'm
Hoping once baby is out I will strike a happy medium smile

eepie Fri 21-Mar-14 21:28:12

The rage was strong for me in 1st trimester - totally normal ! I threw chocolate bars at my DP for farting - snarled at him everytime he breathed on me in bed when he'd had even 1 pint...Was convinced the cat had it in for me and was always made at her for trying to step on me constantly and hurting me cos she's so heavy. Couldn't stand being close to anyone on public transport and stated daggers at anyone who date get in my way whilst I was trying to walk up the tube station steps. Ditto for anyone/everyone who didn't offer me a seat. Even though I didn't look pregnant and wasn't wearing a badge. Hate every tube station employee who told me they didn't have any bloody badges, again. On New Years I hated everyone in the world who was partying whilst I was trying to sleep and failing because of the banging music downstairs until 4am.
The rage went away in 2nd trimester around 14-16 weeks maybe. Since then I've just been mostly away with the fairies/eating the world. But I can feel the rage creeping back in a littttle bit in certain situations. And crying ... God there was A LOT of crying for no/very little reason on the 1st trimester !!!!! My poor DP. I'd cry for 10 mins straight and I didn't know why I was crying in particular - just everything !! Good luck with the rollercoaster that is pregnancy - all you can do is just go with it and don't worry .. It's normal.

MoominIsWaitingToMeetHerMiniMe Fri 21-Mar-14 22:50:19

It'll come back. I'm 34 weeks and ragey at everything, every day. Enjoy!

DearDinah Sat 22-Mar-14 08:36:09

I'm the same at 16 weeks. I am recently bereaved though so it's possibly got something to do with it, but just feel everyday I'm not coping, I fly off the handle, then break down into tears, everyone makes me angry & everything's out to get me, I hope it gets better soon

KitKat1985 Sat 22-Mar-14 17:02:02

I'm 14 weeks. Hardly had any tearfulness, but dear hell, have been the grumpy woman from hell. You're not alone! x

beckiebee04 Tue 25-Mar-14 11:10:37

I'm 32 weeks n I'm like nicest woman ever n then flip because a bottle was left out the fridge lol doesn't get better

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