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When to start maternity leave?

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Ilovebean Thu 20-Mar-14 13:26:19

Hi Everyone

I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now. I have to tell my manager when I would like to take my maternity leave tomorrow. I can take it up until my due date, and as I'm only able to take 5 months off once the baby is born (for various reasons) before I go back to work FT, I don't want to waste anytime before that.

Taking 2 weeks off before my due date will feel like a bit of a waste, espically if I go over, which I more than likely will.

I'm due on a Friday, do you think I should have the Monday as my last day?

ChicaMomma Thu 20-Mar-14 13:33:45

I'm in the exact same position and have the exact same views on it as you.. (i'm only 27 weeks now however)
Due on Sat 21 june, but plan on working right up until the 20th to be honest. Like you say, much more important to take the time off after in my view. Monday sounds perfect- give you a few days to yourself before your little bundle arrives!!!!!!! Statistically it's more likely we'll both have a good 10 days anyway before the baby arrives.

It's great that our employers are flexible in any case- i'v eheard of people who have to finish up minimum2 weeks before their due date, legally- i know you can lie about your due date of course. For some reason my employer didnt give a damn, they said i could finish up whenever i liked- an hour before, a week before, a month before... it's a Northern Irish registered company.. but i know companies registered in the Rep of Ireland have a legal obligation for insurance purposes to have you finish up min 2 weeks before due date.

cheekyfunkymonkey Thu 20-Mar-14 13:42:54

Do you have any leave to take? If so use that. I would say you may find you need to go off a few weeks before but you could tell them you want to go off the week before and then change it if you ate too tired? Not sure what your place is like but if I needed any time off sick in the month before my due date my mat leave would have automatically started then.

sleeplessbunny Thu 20-Mar-14 15:34:29

i worked to 5 days before due date with my 1st, it was fine as my pregnancy went very smoothly. This time I planned to work to 1 wk before but had to stop at 37+6 as it was just too much. I am less fit this time round (but still no preg related problems thankfully), and I got a stinking cold last week which made me feel like hell. You just don't know how you'll feel until the time comes. I have taken holiday to cover the last week before my mat leave officially starts, but I could have moved the mat leave if I had wanted.

sleeplessbunny Thu 20-Mar-14 15:35:53

If you take time off sick in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, your employer can only force you to start mat leave early if the sickness is pregnancy related.

AnnaBanana25 Thu 20-Mar-14 18:36:25

I have the same thoughts. I am due on 23rd, a Monday, my official maternity start date. I will finish work on the Friday the 20th (June that is). It is your legal right to chose your maternity start date, but yes you have to give it in. If it comes to it, you could always go off earlier, but you can't extend your date last minute I don't think.

MyNameIsKenAdams Thu 20-Mar-14 18:38:19

Remember to add up all Annual Leave that (1) youve accrued but havent used yet and (2) will accrue while.on ML. Ypu can use that before you go if you need.

youbethemummylion Thu 20-Mar-14 18:43:38

I used holiday to only work 2 days a week for couple of weeks before due date but actually started mat leave 1 day before due date.

ClearlyMoo Fri 21-Mar-14 06:42:22

I'm stopping at 35 weeks because I have to use all my annual leave (not intending to return this calendar year) AND bank holidays before mat leave which is due to start when I'm 38 weeks. At the time I thought this was a luxury and I was going to be bored. I've got two weeks til I stop work and I'm so so knackered and not coping I would stop tomorrow. I know it's a real balance of time with baby after and money. If if known when I set my dates how rotten I'd feel now I would've stopped work at 32 weeks!

GoooRooo Fri 28-Mar-14 22:34:32

I'm self employed and planned to work up until my due date with my first. As it was I went into labour at 37 +3 on a Monday morning. My waters went first and I was lucky I wasn't on the train to London.

I was absolutely knackered by 35 weeks and wish I'd stopped then. Now pregnant with number 2 and definitely will not be working until my due date!

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