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16 weeks pregnant with identical twins - possibility of ttts

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laura907 Wed 19-Mar-14 21:14:51

hello, I am 16+3 weeks pregnant with mcda twins.
At our 13 week scan the nuchal translucency for one twin was 4.2 and it was measuring about a week behind the other one.
The consultant said that this could be because of a number of reasons,maybe chromosones, the blood test for downs syndrome came back as low risk and there is the possibility of ttts.
we had a scan last friday and there is a 26% size difference between the two babies.
I am so worried that things arent going to go well, it has come as a huge shock, I have had 2 normal straight forward pregnancies and I just hope that everything will be ok sad
I just wondered if anyone had been through this and if anyone can offer any advice?
I have to go for weekly scans to keep an eye on things as the consultant has said at this stage all we can do wait and see.

RiverRocks Thu 20-Mar-14 12:20:25

Hi Laura,

I don't have any first hand advice, I'm afraid, but my friend had this with her non-identical twins, and she now has 2 healthy girls who are thriving.

The smaller twin was born weighing 20% less than her sister. She's still a bit smaller now at nearly 1, but is definitely the more lively of the two!

I'm sure someone else will be along soon to help, or you could try posting in the multiples thread under being a parent? Sure to be more people there with stories.

Best wishes xx

laura907 Thu 20-Mar-14 22:35:23

Ok thank you I may try that then smile

SoonToBeSix Thu 20-Mar-14 22:48:45

My id twins are just over three weeks old. The had ttts with a weight difference of 25 percent. The bigger twin had blood drained after birth and the smaller twin had a blood transfusion. They were in NICU/ HDU but it was never life threatening. They spent three weeks in special care but are now home and doing fine. Please try not to worry because if it does develop they can do laser surgery in the womb or treat them after they are born . My twins were born at 34 weeks .
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

twinsmonplusone Fri 21-Mar-14 06:15:12

Hi Laura.

You will need to be monitored often to make sure this difference does not grow (not that you can anything to prevent it....). I had appointments with a specialist until 20 weeks, when the detailed scan showed that both twins were well and the blood flows were working properly for both.

From what I have read, if they do develop tts, it does make a difference when this happens. In other words, the later this happens, the better, because it is not always possible to have a successful surgery, unfortunately. On the other hand, most twins I know we're born with a substancial weight difference, and that's is fine. Mine has almost identical weights, but I guess I was one exception.

Good luck to you, and take care.

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