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Running while pregnant

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Rombo Wed 19-Mar-14 19:29:19

Are there any pregnant runners here?
I am 27 weeks and currently running about twice a week, only doing between 6-8k depending on how I feel when out.
I have noticed my pace is slowing down slightly but wondered when I should think about stopping altogether?

Ideally I will continue to run for as long as possible but I am finding that I need a wee within minutes of leaving the house probably due to the pressure on my bladder and I am starting to feel a bit achy afterwards.

Any advice?

trainersandaches Wed 19-Mar-14 19:33:49

Rombo, my Dsis is a seasoned runner and when she was pregnant she said she just knew when it was time to stop - she felt heavy, wasn't enjoying it and need to wee a lot. It was about 23 weeks I think, and she was still very active and cycled. Both her doctor and her coach were encouraging about her running, and she took it back up again the day of her six-week check after she'd had her DS.

Just listen to your body and bear in mind your ligaments will be softening so take it easy.

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