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Only 2 days until baby arrives and I can't stop crying.

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Writerwannabe83 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:13:58

Hi everyone - I'm just after some kind words or reassurance I think.

I'm having a CS on Friday and although I'm so excited about meeting baby I just can't stop crying. I'm hoping it's a mixture of worry and nerves and hormones. For some reason I have convinced myself that we aren't ready for the baby and that my husband is going to be cr*p and I'm going to get depressed and not bond with the baby etc - all I have in my head is the worst case scenario. I think I'm just scared, scared of the CS and scared of being a parent. I'm putting pressure on myself to be the 'perfect mom' and already feel like I've let the baby down just because the house isn't as perfect and as clean as I'd like it to be - I'm feeling guilty at the thought of brining him home to a house that isn't the best it can be when that's what he deserves. I know how irrational all this sounds.

I think the reality has just suddenly hit me that I've only got 2 nights left where I'm not going to be responsible for a baby - and then everything is going to change. I just can't get my head around it.

I've cried loads today, I have tried to explain myself to my husband but I know I sound crazy. I'm really hoping it's just nerves!!!

LackaDAISYcal Wed 19-Mar-14 19:20:28

Nerves, hormones, the end of what has been a long journey, and as you say the realisation of the upcoming responsibility...and though you're booked oin for a section, your body is still getting itself ready for labour, so this could actually be the start of it; I remember being a wreck before going into labour with my DC3 (the first one I went in to labour naturally with)

You're not alone sweetie; lots of women have been there. And I think your awareness of the issues that may happen will help ensure that they don't.

And I know it's hard, but treat yourself to a lovely bubbly bath, snuggle up with your husband and try and enjoy these last few days.

Good Luck; it'll be reet smile

And good luck for

ILoveCwtches Wed 19-Mar-14 19:27:04

Ahh, it will all be fine. It's just a last minute panic.

I had a crying fit like that, 2 nights before I went into labour! I wondered what on earth I'd done & how we were going to cope & generally panicked.

I spent the next day cleaning obsessively (which I'd thought must be an urban myth) and contractions started in the early hours of the day after.

You're full of hormones at the moment. I agree with lacka. Snuggle up with cake and your dh and enjoy the anticipation.

Good luck! smile

Writerwannabe83 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:31:08

I wish DH was here to cuddle up with, he's got a lot on his plate at the moment so I'm spending a lot of time on my own. He's not going to be around the day after the CS section either sad I don't think feeling lonely is helping my mood either.....

TeaAndANatter Wed 19-Mar-14 19:34:41

Chin up - sounds very normal (although crappy). I think that any woman with more than one brain cell to bump against each other has a few dark nights of the soul about parenting, and how hard some of it can be, and whether we're up to it etc. The folks that breeze into the whole think blithely are probably in for a narsty shock!

Hope you feel better soon. I can recommend podcasts called 'the infinite monkey cage' to listen to through the night/when worried. It's Brian Cox, and they are science-y, and even if you give less than a rat's ass about science, they're great for insomnia and distraction!

moomin35 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:37:39

Will you check in again when baby is here and let us know how you're doing? Am confident you'll be fine, I'm going to be feeling the sand in ten weeks time I'm sure :-) x

thecakeisalie Wed 19-Mar-14 19:40:13

Firstly just want to say I am so jealous, I'm sure from other posts that I'm due the day after you so if I go horrendously overdue again I could be waiting up to another 3 weeks to meet this little one envy

I think it's totally normal to feel emotional especially knowing you've only got 2 days left. It's going to be one of the biggest most life changing days of your life, add to that being heavily pregnant and hormonal while tring to deal with the idea of that change and its hardly surprising your a bit overwhelmed.

This is dc3 for us and some days the reality of us being on the verge of welcoming a brand new baby into our family hits me and is overwhelming. I keep wondering how we'll cope and if were completely barmy for doing it all again. Ultimately though our kids are the best thing that ever happened for us and I simply cannot imagine life without them.

Trust me it will all be worth it in the end and you'll find a way of muddling through. Good luck for Friday!

Flexiblefriend Wed 19-Mar-14 19:41:26

Of course you aren't ready for the baby, who ever is, but people cope. Just remember if you can keep him or her fed, warm, clean and cuddled, then you've pretty much cracked it. Good luck and enjoy your last couple of days of relaxation.

swampusdonkus Wed 19-Mar-14 19:42:25

What you are feeling is natural, and as a first timer due to have an ELCS here too (but not for 9 weeks yet) I can understand how you must feel overwhelmed. Part of it is trying to get your head around how it is just the two of you today, and tomorrow, then Friday you will be a family of three. We can all imagine what it is like but until it happens we can't know what it is like, and our heads try to fill in the gap with lots of 'what ifs?'. It is entirely rational to be scared and all your concerns mean you give a damn and, as Lacka said, awareness is good - be sure to update us on Friday, and lots of luck and good wishes.

Sweetpea86 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:45:50

Hi writer I'm a couple of weeks behind you and you've advised me on posts over my pregnancy. I think it's totally normal to feel like that. Is this your first, one minute it's just us then 2 days time you are going to have a little one. Who wouldn't feel overwhelmed.

As well as that your having a section so your probs nervous about it and gearing up for it.

You will be totally fine I've seen your posts and seems as tho you e had a rough pregnancy and although we wish the time away whilst preg it's become the norm to feel and be pregnant. (Does that make sense, probably not lol ) and suddenly you won't be pregnant.

It's the unknown but your a women and just that alone mean you will cope and be fine.

Will you keep us all updated over next few days. Have a safe section and enjoy every min when baba arrives smile wish you all the luck and a fast recovery smile

Writerwannabe83 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:50:23

Thank you all so much for your kindness - it has made me tearful again.

It's just been such a hard pregnancy from the start and now that the end really is here....well...part of me just can't believe I'm going to have my baby in my arms. I've had about 15 scans done since we found out I was pregnant and I got them all out today and spent ages just looking at them. He's been an 'image on a screen' for so long that the thought of him being real and alive is just overwhelming me. My DH seems so calm about it all.....and that freaks me out......why aren't I calm?

I suppose it's different for them though - plus he hasn't got to worry about the CS.

I need to calm myself down - I can be quite an anxious person and getting myself wound up is definitely not a good idea...

ILoveCwtches Wed 19-Mar-14 19:52:08

I'm sorry you've been alone a lot. Substitute bubble bath for your dh, add cake and chocolate and listen to tea's recommendation. You've always got us lot to talk to!

Tbh, I didn't tell DP about my panic as I didn't want to.worry him. I'd been very practical and full of 'knowledge' during my pregnancy. I felt like if he saw me in such an irrational state, it would unnerve him. ( Should've told him as he's been fab).

That was 11 months ago and we've survived, along with our fab dd.

Take care.

lucy101 Wed 19-Mar-14 20:25:42

Hi there, I am having an ELCS next week (third pregnancy) and have found myself crying etc. this week. I have had a tough pregnancy too and at this point the nerves/hormones/exhaustion can just overwhelm. I think we all feel the same way!

My only thought is, after a long chat today with a girlfriend who had two CS's (this will be my first CS), her (very firm!) advice is to make sure you have enough help over the next week or two, especially if your DH (like mine) isn't going to be around to help you. Best of luck!

buffythebarbieslayer Wed 19-Mar-14 22:28:47


I'm pregnant with dc3 and just before labour with my last two, I had complete melt downs.

It's the hormones, the exhaustion. So normal to feel overwhelmed and worried as well.

Although this is dc3 for me and very wanted, I have days where I worry if we've done the right thing and how I'll cope with another baby. I also get in a fizz about thre house and little things that don't seem perfect.

I think the difference this time is I kind of know at the back of my mind that all these thoughts and feelings are normal.

You're already a good mum because you have thought about how important this is. What a big undertaking. But it's a fantastic journey, even if there are tough times as well. I promise it will be worth it smile

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