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Going off food in early pregnancy

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robynarmstrong92 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:09:53

I recently found out I'm pregnant, I'm about5 weeks gone and I feel sick a lot, when it comes to food I can never decide what I feel like eating and the thought of some foods makes me want to throw up. I start getting hunger pains and then worry that my baby won't get enough of what he/she needs. Does anyone have any advice on foods that are good for me to eat and won't turn my stomach?

CitrusyOne Wed 19-Mar-14 19:12:00

It will very much depend on you and your stomach I think! In my experience what I fancied was what made someone else nauseous. Although this stage soon passed for me and I was eating everything in sight for quite a while ;)

MrsMonkeyBear Wed 19-Mar-14 19:15:23

Just keep it simple. I ate nothing but toast, bananas and yogurt for about a week. Your baby will get what it needs, just drink plenty of fluids. If you can manage, drink a couple of small glasses of unsweetened fruit juice. Oh and don't forget your vitamins!!

X x

squizita Wed 19-Mar-14 19:16:54

I found dry and savoury worked for me:
-oat cakes with a salty/savoury topping like marmite or cheddar
-crisps or nuts as treats
-seed mix from M&S
-plain chicken and fries for tea
-plan veg soup with dry toast.

Big no nos were saucy + highly flavoured. Thought I was past it and risked a curry at lunch time. Now MAJOR heartburn. Oh well. Live n learn.

eepie Wed 19-Mar-14 22:07:29

I had the same thing....nothing sounded good to eat really...wasn't interested in food and sometimes would gag when trying to eat even plain toast ! My baby took exactly everything it needed and I'm now 25 weeks and she's perfect so far according to her size and development on scans .... I didn't understand how the baby could develop when I wasn't really eating much at all (was still taking pre-natal vits, drinking lots of water, and just eating a tiny bit) but someone told me that the fetus will just take all the nutrients it needs from your body - I guess from stores built up before you were pregnant..? And from prenatal vits and extracts all of the nutrients from the little food you do eat.

Everybody is different but I found I could eat crackers, toast and butter, pitta bread with cheese and some spinach....hated my usual scrambled eggs on toast but weirdly egg fried rice with teeeeny bits of grated carrot, spinach and spring onions worked....cereal .... fruit... fruit juice.... horlicks drinks - milky, warm, comforting and has B Vitamins or something in it.... I basically lived on just these things !! And sweets. That is all I felt like eating. And I was fine (if tired/drained) and my baby seems to be developing fine too ! It's normal - some women have severe vomiting and can hardly keep anything down and they still have healthy babies. Just be kind to yourself and do/eat what you feel like - trust your instincts.

eepie Wed 19-Mar-14 22:10:22

toasted pitta strips and houmous worked too .... I could eat more in the middle of the day but early in the morning and in the evening was when I'd feel really nauseous so if I just tried to eat as much as poss in middle of the day and tried not to stress about not having a proper dinner. Sometimes I would eat nothing for dinner at all. Until about 12 weeks. Seemed un natural but was fine.

alita7 Wed 19-Mar-14 22:26:54

I've been the same until today (6+6) and now I'm constantly varying degrees of sick but very frequently suddenly become starving and have to eat NOW. before I felt too sick to eat but knew it would make me feel better so forced myself.

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