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Causes of visual disturbances?

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AmelieRose Wed 19-Mar-14 14:53:01

Have posted before about headaches I've been getting with visual disturbances (am 27 weeks pregnant). Had my eyes checked a few weeks ago and diagnosed as pregnancy migraines with visual disturbances.

However, over the past two weeks the headaches have improved but the visual disturbances haven't. Was diagnosed with a UTI yesterday after going to maternity assessment with stomach pain and light bleeding, and have noticed that the visual disturbances have got worse over the past few days which seems to coincide with the UTI - I mainly get black spots, now getting kind of 'rainbows' at the corners of my eyes. Wondered if it was linked to the UTI in any way?


greentshirt Wed 19-Mar-14 14:54:24

Potential pre eclampsia, you need to get checked. Did you mention them yesterday?

AmelieRose Wed 19-Mar-14 15:02:30

Thanks for the response. I did mention them yesterday greentshirt, they checked everything as it's the second time they have thought I might have pre-eclampsia. No protein in my urine, blood pressure fine.

I am still a bit concerned about it though tbh - have heard stories about some women developing pre-eclampsia without protein or high blood pressure...probably just being over-anxious!

greentshirt Wed 19-Mar-14 15:05:48

I'd be the same, have you got any of the other symptoms? It would be just my luck to have it without the 2 major signs too. Hope you get sorted!

lyns31 Wed 19-Mar-14 15:25:00

I suffer migraine outside pregnancy and have developed visual disturbance without headache as I've gotten older. I've had it a few times during the pregnancy but if I didn't suffer from it outwith pregnancy I'd be on at the MWs to keep an eye out for pre-eclampsia too. Maybe worth getting a home blood pressure monitor for peace of mind? Glad you checked out okay for blood pressure and protein yesterday. I really just wanted to say that silent migraine is a known thing and migraines don't always come with pain. In fact, most of mine don't these days though I can have horrible aura like hemiplegia and word salad. More than once people have thought I was having a stroke. My pupil has blown too before but no damage on mri.

AmelieRose Wed 19-Mar-14 15:36:21

Thanks lyns. Good to know that it might be the migraines without the pain.

Not sure about other symptoms greentshirt. I have had pain, but think that's because of the UTI. My feet are quite swollen but that's probably just general swelling. Other than the headaches no other symptoms.

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