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Over due now and need some advice on a "sweep"

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spikeycat Mon 15-Mar-04 08:35:13

My lovely midwife who I have seen through the whole pregnancy went on hols last week for two weeks. She assured me that her team members (shes heads it up) were great, however, I met one last week and she was horrible!
She informed me she would come and see me this week and if I had not had bubba on my due date (yesterday), I asked her if that would be to book induction and she said "no, I will be giving you a sweep". I think it was the way I was TOLD rather than consulted and now because I have taken a dislike to her I don't want her to do it, or even if I want one done at all!
I am on my own at home all day with my 15month old and think it may be silly to have a sweep and then be in pain on my own with him for the rest of the day?
Anyone got any thoughts or want to reassure me?

babster Mon 15-Mar-04 08:46:55

Hi spikeycat. It seems a bit premature to be giving you a sweep so early. I had sweeps with both pregnancies (and they were fine) BUT not until the baby was a week overdue each time, and I was asked, not *told* about having one (how rude!). So if you insist on waiting a bit longer until the baby is a full week overdue, your preferred midwife may be back... or indeed you may go into labour spontaneously. HTH and good luck

Quackers Mon 15-Mar-04 08:55:13

Spikeycat, I can't beleive she told you what to do!! Well don't worry you'll get tons of advice here - namely Mears when she's around I'm sure!! However, have you looked on the childbirth thread, there's some interesting stuff about sweeps and their efficiency. I had a sweep a week over without even being told and it made my waters trickle but labour did not start, therefore I had to stay in hopsiptal anyway and wait 3 days to be induced. There are mixed feelings I think about them. But to 'offer' one so early past your due date is strange. Fortunately you have access to information here to enable you to make an informed choice!! Good luck!!

EP7 Mon 15-Mar-04 09:17:20

I had 3 sweeps with my ds however was it was suggested at every turn and in the end I was begging for one just so I wouldn't have to be induced. First sweep was done 5 days after due date if that's of any help. Third sweep did the trick, it was done early Sunday morning and I started labour 7 o/c that night. Upshot is though, do what is right for you and take partner for support if that will help. Good luck.

spikeycat Mon 15-Mar-04 11:14:54

Thanks everyone, I think I will ring and tell her that I would rather wait until I am a week o/d for a sweep, by which time my nice widwife will be back and she can do it at the clinic. I went in to labour with ds by myself at 4 days o/d so it seemed a bit premature to me to.

Maybe I am just being a bit sensitive, but I have taken a dislike to her now, which may be unkind of me but its a pregnancy perogative!

motherinferior Mon 15-Mar-04 11:33:22

Oh, she sounds horrible, spikeycat. You stick to your guns and wait for the spikeykitten to make independent progress!

Quackers Mon 15-Mar-04 12:06:06

Good decision Spikey! Glad your own m/w will be back in good time to help you make the right decision, she may even suggest something else or take a diff course of action. A week over though sometimes a sweep is worth a try but I wouldn't before that. xx

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